Kai Pure Komachi 9-Pc Block Set w/4-Pc Steak Knife Set

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Kai Pure Komachi 9-Pc Block Set w/4-Pc Steak Knife Set
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Check out the product page for the 9 piece block set

I bought this item last time it was here. So far, they are GREAT knives. I love the pop of color in my kitchen, too! The only thing that takes a bit of getting use to is the ‘block’ they sit in . . . It’s BIG and plastic and looks like an upside-down, 1 gallon ice bucket—right down to the little kick-out that looks like a pouring spout/lip. I tell ya, the picture just doesn’t do it justice, lol! At first, my husband pleaded with me to just keep the knives in the drawer! Now, we don’t even notice it . . . But everyone who comes over does and they comment on the colorful knives and ask why we are using a bucket to store them!

Not a snow balls chance in Hades that these have a list price that high…they might be tempting for kids with all that color!!

Ever checked out the prices for watches?

“This watch normally retails for $995.00. We skip the middleman and can sell it directly to you for the amazingly low price of $59.99 plus S&H.”

WOW on the price. The knifeblock alone lists for $39.99 on Amazon. I ran a search you might find edifying:

Got these in a past Woot and love them. Before that I’d been using a set of knives from some big box store sold in a ready-for-college kit. Not the best, for sure.

The “block” they come in (a hollow clear plastic structure) is ridiculously huge. I live in an apartment and it would have taken up about 1/3 of my counter space. Chucked the thing and I keep them in my cutlery drawer where they do just fine.

My only wish is that there was a guide as to what knife is good for what. Growing up, we had steak knives and a veggie knife and that’s all I know!

I don’t own these, but, based on the picture, the black one is a santoku and is the knife for most tasks.

The purple one is a sandwich knife, for spreading mayonnaise and slicing it in half. Useful if you make a lot of sandwiches, I guess.

Is the blue one flexible? If so, it could be a boning knife.

The orange one looks like a short bread knife.

The green one is probably a paring knife.

The bright red (?) I can’t really see, but with tines on the end it could be a cheese knife.

I can’t see the dark red and yellow ones.

Set includes:

3 1/2-in. Paring Knife
6 in. Multi-Utility Knife
8-in. Chef’s Knife
8-in. Bread Knife
4-in. Tomato Knife
6-in. Bagel/Sandwich
6 ½-in. Hollow-Ground Santoku
4-in. Citrus Knife
8-Slot Acrylic Block