Kai Shun 6” Pro Deba Fish Knife

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Kai Shun 6” Pro Deba Fish Knife [New] - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Kai VG0165D Shun 6” Pro Deba Fish Knife

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Kai Shun 6" Pro Deba Fish Knife
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kai VG0165D Shun 6" Pro Deba Fish Knife

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cool. something to slit my wrists with after this shitty woot-off.

It’s a knife.

And did anyone else notice that the headphones didn’t show up here? Or am I just still in the process of waking up?

a co-branding opportunity for woot! Have You Tube’s Annoying Orange use knives purchased through Woot

Morning wooters! Yesterday everyone was asking where the knives were… well here’s one! :wink:

lol i had to quote you to see what the strangers really was. haha

I was just wondering that, too. Wanted to see how many of the buggers had been for sale.

Great deal on the knife. Sierra Trading has it for $95. Says retail is $188… Shun makes some awesome knives!

Here’s the link -


It says 6 1/2, but I believe it’s the same one.

r3ctifi3r lives in North Carolina!

1000 knives for all the people who stayed up last night…

the strangers? what an odd edit to my cursing.

Ah 6 full inches of what is now considered a weapon of mass destruction.

In case anyone’s wondering, Shuns are just about the best knives out there. Though I don’t have this particular one, I have one of their chef’s knives and it is the best knife I’ve ever owned.

Im still asleep and didnt see either!


I you stayed up all night for that garbage, one knife will likely be enough…

Dwight prefers the Nikiri, but overall a quality item…

so wait… in this story… the fish is the one with the knife? are you sure? cause… well… i thought maybe I should have the knife… in the knife fight. not the fish…