Kai Shun Pro Deba Knife

woah buster knife

Oooooh, sharp and shiney

Great for murdering, would recommend.

Good for murder

whats a Deba knife used for?

Is it endorsed by OJ?

Priced right!


retails 90+

Shun makes some of the best knives around, you can find a reason to use it

Deba knives are used as carvers to cut fish, and meat

“Dishwasher safe”? Anyone who puts a Shun knife in a dishwasher needs to have all their kitchen products repossessed and replaced with crap from the Walmart discount bin.

VG-10 cannot be beat.

agreed. But wow, is that knife cheap. Tempting…for sure.


This is one good deal.

Oh, learn something new everyday, Thanks :slight_smile:

Rats, I missed out. :frowning:


Darn, at $40, I would have got one of these if I wasn’t sleeping.