Kai Shun Pro II 3 Piece Flat Set

this will take a while…

Woot really wants me to cut something.

Awesome description…

I think it’s time to cut out this woot off… with these knives, preferably.

MORE knives?!?

$280 for 3 knives?!?!?!?!?!?

I’ll just stick to my plastic butter knives.

I’m certain now that Bushnell, Kai Shun, and Acme Co Gristle Products sponsor Woot-Offs.

Does a 300 dollar knife honestly cutt better then a 20 dollar knife or is it more about keeping an edge longer?

Good lord, just how many knives does Woot have???

405 bucks at Overstock.

…if it was in stock.


Not just Shun Pros, but Sun Pro IIs.

Are you serious? I’m buying these to cut myself.

$250 on a couple cooking sites. At least it will only last a few minutes.

Honestly cut much better, and keep their edges.

Both, from the little I know about knives.

Don’t forget SOG

Over hill over dale
We all know these knives won’t fail
As the Kai Shuns go rolling along

Made with care, forged from steel
These knives hold some mass appeal
As the Kai Shuns go rolling along.

For it’s Hi! Hi! Hee! I just cut my thumb you see,
Maybe I’m holding these all wrong

As knives go these are great
But I hope it’s worth the wait
As these Kai Shuns get rolling along.

These may be the best things for slicing bread, but on Woot? Home of the refurb and cheap stuff? $300 knives? Does that mean they don’t sell in stores but wooters buy them?