Kai Shun Pro Knife

Cuts through crap with a single hack!

[Froogle](http://www.google.com/products?q=Kai Shun Pro Knife)


Again with the knives…

I use mine to cut butter with no problems. Yeah!

Can you really have enough sharp, pointy objects?

Great knives. Too bad I don’t need any.

I think they need a knives.woot.com much like wine.woot.com.

Buy one get one free (for $115 each)

can someone enlighten me as to what a 300mm knife is used for?

Awesome sharpness!

Did anybody see a mysterious basket of crayfish notice that instantly disappeared again?

Woot is trying to cater to all those inner-serial killers within us with all these knife deals today!

Now that’s a knoife.

I’m holding off for the Jeffrey Dahmer signature series

more knives…free healthcare?

and a roomba.woot.com

Will it work on a Mac?

Too bad OJ’s in prison; he’d love this!