Kai Shun Steel Series 2 Piece Flat Set

another cooking knife?

oh. my. god.

Wow. Expensive ass knives again


Man this woot-off is quiet, lol

Yay!!! Knives.

meh, $75 with free shipping on other sites. no woot

I’ve always thought it was spelled “paring.”

perhaps we have stumbled upon th elatest of the woot family knives.woot

Why so many knives? On Wednesday their was a large percentage of people that bought 3 $600 sets of these knives. So much money.

Expensive knives yay!

But how well will it cut through human organs?

The little one is even slightly angled to get around those pesky muscles…

Picture shows stainless steel handles but the description is “plastic with bamboo powder” handles.

Big difference!

Such glorious knives that they even come with their own protective box.

Description doesn’t match the picture. Picture shows solid, one-piece knife with steel handle. Description mentions handles “made of polypropylene mixed with bamboo powder for the pleasing look of real bamboo.” Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t turn out to be what you expect based on the picture.

Those handles sure don’t look like “Polypropylene blended with real bamboo powder.”

I imagine one of the SOG’s will be next.

I love the blades on these, but I’m holding out for an 8" Ken Onion Chef’s.

Either the title and picture are wrong or the description is.

Kai Shun Steel knives are pictured, but the description, including the kind of steel and the composition of the handle, are Kai Wasabi, a different (and considerably less expensive) line.

Which is it, woot?