Kai Tan Ren 2-Piece Knife Set

I assume you guys mean a whetstone? Not wet stone, as that would likely just dull the blade more. My kingdom for a copy editor.

If I didn’t fear a sharp knife in the hands of my wife, I might think of buying a set of these.

This looks like the Woot-off killer to me…

yea its been done all day, i know

Oh this is gonna be a long one. No pun intended, mr weiner

I’m going to buy a set so I can cut myself. the knives will get here before this sale is sold out.

no it’s good though. thanks. it’s great.

you need beer. beer is friendly. beer makes everything easier.


This is also a knife. :smiley:

Only purchasing these knives if they are fully endorsed by Orenthal J. Simpson.

Nice knives if i didn’t already have a nice set this would be a nice starter.

always remember with good knives you must have a good steel and know how to use it

the male fertility sperm test better be next. and oh yes Im serious

They may very well mean “wet stone”:

I have a Japanese water stone my very own self.

& they must be bronco compatible

wow woot your auto changing the correct word for the male zygote. when did the perms word become banned

These aren’t “great”’ knives but they are decent. I typically use Sabatier Au Carbon knives which take a razor like edge, but these are great to have as well. Between 4 kitchens in two houses, I can never have enough knives!

No, they meant a sexually excited Sharon Stone. They got it right.

In for one set… It would be two, but the hubs nixed that idea. meh.

These are apparently injection molded, but “stamped or forged” has nothing to do with the quality of knives.

Decades ago, when the only good knives available were forged and all the cheap ones were stamped out of cheap steel, it may have been a useful rule of thumb.

These days, though, you can get cheap forged knives and amazing stamped/cut knives, so it’s only a useful phrase for people selling expensive German knives.

Global and Shun knives, for example, are cut out of sheet steel, not forged. It’s the steel and the tempering that makes the knife, not how it’s formed.

P.S. “Full tang” is also a bogus marketing pitch. Yes, cheap knives that aren’t full tang can fall apart, but great ones don’t, and you can buy worthless full-tang, forged knives for under $20.

use piglatin.

OJ endorsed.