Kai Tan Ren 2-Piece Knife Set

Ghosts of Woots past

I use these for slitting my wrists when woot offs take too long to get to the Blind Origami Camels. Work great for tight work around the tendons.

I’m waiting for a Roomba fingers crossed

Going to sleep - now all the really cool stuff is going to go on sale…enjoy!

I’m in the market for some new knives and this is a great price for a better than average pair that will hold its sharpness decently longer. In for one!

Why is it that all the cool stuff always go on sale when I fall asleep?!?! Bah hambug!

A lot less than a previous moofi listing:

Well they look cool anyway.

C’mon people, order 3 sets so you can kill six relatives.

I did my part again…need knives (though not for relatives) & the price was calling me. It’s a gas to find stuff other than the Bugles of Citrus that I want!

I’m not a scientist, but I don’t think it works that way.

That’s not even the same set. How much were these anyway? According to the woot wage $40. If that’s the case, disappointed I missed them.