Kai Tan Ren 5-Piece Knife Set

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Kai Tan Ren 5-Piece Knife Set
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This could take a while…


oh goodie

This may take some time…

those are some sharp looking knives

Pro tip! The large serrated edges make pretty designs in cake frosting and butter sculptures!


Wouldn’t be an official woot off without some knives.

You could kill a Woot-Off pretty good with one of those knives…

check out teh cool ninjuh text on them!!

awwww man - hope theses only one of these

Say it with me “ooooooooooh shiny”.

Bad news everybody

Last time they only had one set of the $500 knives. Maybe it will move fast. Don’t Want.

this could take a very long time

May there only be one of these. Or two. Maybe. Please?

OMG! This is going to take so long you will want to stab yourself. If only I had a sharp knife…

Knives are sharp, you should be careful with them. So as not to cut, filet, stab, or slice yourself or others.