Kai Tan Ren 5-Piece Knife Set

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Kai Tan Ren 5-Piece Knife Set
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Wow, I went AFK, watched half a movie and made dinner and the headset was still up.

I didn’t think it’d last that long but I’m glad I didn’t miss anything!

Now I get to watch the rest of the movie though…

Yup more knives



That’s one sharp lookin deal…

When will we get back to the real woots?

Yea, but can they cut through a nail, a tin can, and still slice a tomato like butter? … go GINSU !!!

Arg. Kershaw right? I love their folders.

Ok, sigh I’m done for the day. This is obviously going no where.

Man, I want this set so bad… the only other place I found this online is ebay here:


And they want $249.00! This really is a good deal.

I’ve been wooting for years, and never had a BoC… tempted to get these knives and cut my head off… slowly.

Some Californian has finally stepped up to relieve Woot of these knives.

Took a little while.

todays woot-off is the sucketh.

“Developed by the makers of fine Shun cutlery, Tan Ren™ is crafted with the same thought and attention to detail as all their knives”
They may have thought about these knives and paid attention to them but these are not Shun quality. They are lighter in weight and the blades are thinner. Definitely a “home” grade not professional. You get what you pay for.

Hey Woot! “Cut” it out!

Most Woots from Nebraska I see. They must need them for all those tasty Omaha steaks…