Kai Tan Ren 5-Piece Knife Set

son of a

Will these ship to a prison address?

oooh BOC next!

These should give me plenty of time to get home.

aww man i felt that bandolier coming

oooh BOC next!

Perfect Christmas gift for a Kitchen Ninja

You want to be standing there having people coming in all day going "I need knives. I need more knives. Do you have any bigger knives? I’d like a bigger knife, a big, long, sharp knife, that’s what I’m in the market for. I like them really sharp. Do you have one with hooks and gouges like blades and kind of serrated? That’s the kind of knife I’m looking for. I need one I can throw. I need another one I can just hack away with. Do you have anything like that?

I wanted the earlier one… these are too expensive :frowning:

It slices… it dices… but that’s it…

Doh! Thought it was a Bag of Crap! Not very sharp of me.

Or not

If you are purchasing these as an upgrade from cheap, horrible knives - they will change your world!

I love my Kai Tan Ren set.

It slices… it dices… but that’s it…


Reviews at Crate and Barrel, where these things are available, with block AND kitchen shears, for $150.

It appears that the person buying quality knives for the first time was impressed, while the person who has tried multiple kinds of quality knives was NOT impressed.

Not full-on chef quality, but a very fine set of knives at a total steal of a price. The casual home chef could keep these for a lifetime. I love when the chuds bag on the big complicated things they don’t understand.


and why can’t one of these ever wind up in my Bundle of Cari cultures.

Something is not right here. There were only 3 of these. On the US heat map there are three colored states but not all the same. How could one state be hotter when each only bought one?

Wish I woulda saved up for one excellent knife than bought these several odd tinny ones.