Kai Tan Ren 9-Piece Knife Block Set

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Kai Tan Ren 9-Piece Knife Block Set
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I speak for my fellow geeky dudes: meh

Hurray knives!! I always say that. I am sure these are awesome I just like to say KNIVES!!

Looks pretty sharp.

perfect for juggling

You’re missing the point.

Oh sooooo tempting! I’m gonna sleep on it and then decide.

cut me some slack on my lack of cutlery jokes handy.

how do these stack up to Wusthof?

Found these for $149.95 on-line.

Wooden blocks are hard to clean inside. And you know a spider crawls down there at some point.

They’re nice, but I think me owning them would just drag them down. Knives this swank deserve better than being used to slice up frozen pizzas and off-brand cheddar cheese.

not with this brand, but has anyone noticed a musty smell forming in their wood knife blocks?

Prove it! Give a link.

Ha! I could buy TWO paring knives at the price of this 9-piece set!
Oh, wait …

So, what are the empty slots for? One’s a honing stick for sure.

I always sit at the corner at Benihana’s and snatch the chef’s knife. Man those are sharp!

Sorry Woot, the IRS is getting my 299.99 instead of you. Now if you had an item for $9.99, that might have been a different conversation. :slight_smile:

Can these slice through an engine block? Cause for that price, they should.

Can you be more specific? Online is a big place.

I can’t find much information on Kai Tan Ren

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