Kai Tan Ren 9-Piece Knife Block Set

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Kai Tan Ren 9-Piece Knife Block Set
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Knives, imagine that

Woot killer

Wait, wait…let’s not all jump on this one at once!

What? No tongs?

eh… don’t need anymore cutlery!

Why does the picture only show 8 pieces? Do they count the block as a piece?

These are not the knives you are looking for!

I could only afford one of these a while back. I bought the 6" Chef’s knife from the local store for around $35…

This looks to be a great deal. It’s definitely my go to knife in the kitchen. I’ve had it for quite a while and it’s still as sharp as ever.

Where are the Cree flashlights?

I can mount these individually to the wall using my speaker mounts that I just bought, some crazy glue, and rare earth magnets!

seriously? hey, this time it has a wood block!

Lets hope a lot of people need expensive knives… I wan a Bowl of Cereal Woot!

Feh. TOO PRICEY for knives. They’d have to cook for themselves, too.

Wasn’t these knife set cost more last time?

Anyone own these that can tell me how far along did you need to resharpen them?

I’m really trying to convince myself to buy them :slight_smile:

But what is a woot-off without 50 Knife sets?

Hey Apple…Hey…



the “I Want One” button is blocking the product details on the main page.