Kai Tan Ren 9-Piece Knife Block Set

oooh! Sharp!

yay lunch time.

Maybe there’s only 2 of these.


I’d buy this if there were 9 clowns that I wanted to hurl knifes at.

Look at that sweet Swiss design!


Going to go get lunch. This one will be there a while…

Now that was wierd… Hitting F5 flipped the deal between the gaming keyboard and the knife set back and forth about eight times…

Actually, I bought these last time they were on woot, and they are REALLY nice!! We actually really like them a lot!

Bought a set of these last time… WOW!! They are incredibly sharp.

VERY good buy!

Very good woot!

I have this set and use them every day. (I don’t use the block, though - I use a magnetic strip)

They are balanced, well weighted (not too heavy) and handle well.

The Nikiri knife by its self is amazing.

Do buy!

Had that happen earlier.

Is that a stab in the dark or do you have experience?

Looks like Virginia has a lot of murderers :<

Wow, back in April this set wooted for $299!
Previous woot in April

Looks like a good present for all the moms out there ^^

Got these during the last offering. Sweet knives! Block is bad-arse and a good size. Nice quality. So worth the price!

You’d have to hit one of them with the wooden block. There are only 8 knives in this set. Just an FYI.