Kai Wasabi Blonde 3pc Knife Set

I’m feeling stabby.

second! =)

Next items are popping up fast.

blond knives. Again…

Knives again =\

Why is this not the SOG knife…the only knife so far i’ve seen on woot that i’ve wanted :confused:

You can’t be serious. Knives again?

Nope, I’m waiting for the set that costs $600!

carp sushi?

Agghhh!!! Knives!!

knives again?!?!

Agghhh!!! Knives!!

like I said:

knives again?!?!

again with the knives - I hope they bring back some other old favorites from a couple days ago

So you can chop up your husband’s nuts…

New woot motto - wash, rinse repeat…

Now they are up. Now they are not??