Kaleidos Oakrock Vineyards Red Blend (4)



Kaleidos Oakrock Vineyards Red Blend - 4 pack
$64.99 (Normally $100.00) 35% off List Price

4 2005 Kaleidos Oakrock Vineyards Paso Robles Red Blend
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I got this last time it was offered but I did not feel the love for it…any ideas on how to enjoy it more?


Drink 4 shots of liquor and wait until you’re drunk. Makes Shutter Homes taste like Cake Bread.


Now this looks interesting to me!

Has anyone out there tried this?

A west Paso Robles Rhone blend sounds yummy!


why no love for this?


What a value!


thanks for the tip, I will try this appetizer and surely it will improve…


My (wine) 6th sense tells me to go for this:

First Sucker: rtovar
Last Wooter to Woot: emccarl
Last Purchase: a few seconds ago

This same 6th sense turned out to be correct on previous woot offs where a wine would have very little activity and/or comments.


And here I was going to suggest the joy of gifting!