Kaleidos Paso/Rhone Red Blend (3)

Kaleidos 2006 Paso Robles/Rhone Red Blend 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $109.20) 45% off List Price
2006 Morpheus GSM Blend
2006 Osiris GSM Blend
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I really enjoyed the 05’ Oakrock blend from the woot off a few months back. Although these are very different wines.

I also really enjoyed the Oakrock (definitely my favorite wine.woot wine so far). Any opinions on the differences between these and the Oakrock?

Haven’t opened mine yet… perhaps I should sometime this century.

This is Steve Martell, Owner and Winemaker of Kaleidos. Although the Oakrock is mostly Syrah it definitely has some very Bordeaux qualities to it due to the Cab, Cab Franc etc that are in the blend. The two blends offered today are all Rhone varieties, so no Cab like flavors of red bell pepper and no chalky earth from the Petite Verdot. Instead you get rich dark fruit like plumb and blackberry in the Morpheus, smoked meats and red cherry/raspberry in the Osiris. The mouth feel and body between all three wines are similar. My style of winemaking tends to produce big, rich, extracted wines, so if you enjoyed the Oakrock I’m sure you will not be disappointed with the two wines offered today.

Also for those who like scores, the Morpheus received 89 points and the Osiris 91 points from Robert Parker. You can see the full reviews on the News page of my website. www.kaleidoswine.com

Perhaps (rolling eyes)

Thanks for coming by, the additional information’s a big help!


LOVED the Oakrock Blend. My wife also loved it, even though she is used to drinking cheap merlots and cabs. I’m finally getting her to enjoy other varietals like syrah and zinfandel, as well as blends. I really like your approach of not getting caught up in the ph and other stats, and just making good wine with good fruit.

In for 2!

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Thanks! Now I just need to decide whether to get one or two :slight_smile:

Another solid offer from Paso and our friend Mr. Martell. I tasted these with Steve at the Paso Robles Garagiste Festival. My notes: Yum. (It’s hard to simultaneously write, taste and twist the winemaker’s arm to get his wines on Woot).

Big. Paso. Reds.

I’m a sucker for GSM blends and these look very tempting…I am supposed to be saving for a new house…you are not helping my cause!

Hi fellow wooters -

A friend of mine sent me this which I thought was not surprising but interesting about the concentration of brands in the wine industry.
Wine Industry Concentration


Tried purchasing 3 times now, are they sold out? bummer…

Hey wootbots! There’s some kind of technological issue- when I went to buy, it has my address and billing address numbers wrong. I went to change it, and it wont save my address information correctly. Help, I want to buy!

In for 2. My order supposedly went through.
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Last purchase:6 minutes ago (I sat on the order page for a few minutes debating this or the new house…)

Thanks! it pretty much sums up why I support WW!

It seemed ready to go when I opened it in the fall. I would be all over this but I have some gift cards to work through first at some other outlets. Yes, Woot I am calling you out. If you had gift certs. I would get them for xmas and birthdays and then I would be buying wine from you right now instead of someone else.

These wines sound just up my alley with the fruit as the star. Just wish the mix was switched I’d have loved to get 2 bottles of the heavier grenache blend. Ah well fingers crossed that these hit the spot for me and the wife, who’s a grenache fan.

We tasted the 2006 Kaleidos Osiris at a recent wine tasting. Bottle was decanted ~1/2 prior to tasting. There was bright fresh fruit on the nose, and even a nose of sweet corn. Some heat. more red fruit on the palate. Medium bodied with a long finish. The tannins seemed to be quite bold and a little harsh, which surprised several of us, given that the wine is a little over 6 yrs old. Seemed like it needed a few more years in the bottle.