Kaleidos Paso Robles Red Blend (4)

Kaleidos Paso Robles Red Blend 4-Pack
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2007 Kaleidos “Morpheus” Proprietary Red Paso Robles
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I’m drinking this now. And it’s day 2 so you guys get a couple days worth of notes.

Label says 57% Mourvèdre and 43% Syrah from paso so it should be right in my wheel house of wines I typically enjoy. I picked the bottle up on Sunday night after the kings OT win and on the pnp I was greeted by some serious tannin stains on the tapering section of the bottle. The wine was red on the rim and had a nice nearly black core. The wine was showing considerable sediment on the first glass which was a little surprising. I wouldn’t call it clear since the sediment was kicked up but if left stood up for a few days I’m sure it would be clear.

Here’s a few pictures from the opening.

The nose was fairly strong and full of dark fruit. Blackberries, blueberry and some black cherries as well. There is some noticeable alcohol unfortunately. The wine comes across as dry and very tart with tannins present in the background. The tartness may be due to the sediment that was really stirred up in my glass. On first sip the wine really made me pucker and left my mouth watering. The same flavors were present on the tongue as the nose but just not as pronounced. The wine finishes with some alcohol on the back of the tongue and is about medium length. Based on my day 1 impression I felt a day 2 review was necessary.

I left the wine on the counter overnight corked and tried it again tonight. The nose had not calmed down but had changed. It now took on dusty cherries,a little cranberry and oddly enough some licorice. The palate lost some tartness as well and became much more drinkable. The sediment was much more focused in the bottom of the bottle now and this could be the reason for the dramatic change. If I were ordering this I would let it sit a week or two before opening and make sure I stood the bottle up a day before opening. This should keep the sediment where you want it.(on the bottom. ) the price seems solid and it’s a pass for me based on day 1 and a buy based on day 2.

I’m all over this deal! But…When is summer shipping going to start? It’s already 98 degrees here in the desert! Last wine shipment went horribly bad for my Wellingtons…:frowning: I am a big fan of Kaleidos wines, this looks like a step up from their 2006 blend which I believe was a GSM. I’m in if their is an option to expedite summer packaging.

The system defaults a state list for every sale. This time that list wasn’t updated as it should have been.

It’s all fixed now. Apologies to anyone who got their hopes up.

Delivery was made last week, so the bottle had a chance to settle before opening. PnP. Color and clarity are akin to what cortot20 has in the picture provided. I did notice some slight bricking around the rim when I examined the wine at an angle in front of a piece of white paper. The sediment shown in C20’s picture at the top of the bottle was the same for my bottle. The initial aromas reveal vanilla, probably from oak, and mixed dark berries. I did not detect anything that would have indicated that this is 15.1% alc. After a swirl in the glass, I see thin tapering legs left on the walls of the glass. Now another swirl and a swish, I taste dark fruits, like blackberry and currant, and something a little tart akin to cherry. I am not getting any signs of s high alc. content. This is not an alcohol bomb.

For dinner, I prepared grilled burgers topped with blue cheese, since blue cheese and syrah are an excellent pairing. As a side, I put together a fruit salad of blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. About an hour later, time to see what has developed and was the food/wine pairing spot on. The flavor profile remained the same, with less tart and now a touch of spice. The tannins were smooth and the finish clean. While +1 and I usually don’t finish a bottle over dinner, this one was gone quickly. (We did save a glass for trying a few hours later.) Pairing was on target, including being able to compare the fresh fruit with the wine.

FF to four hours after opening and this wine is starting to show signs of oxidizing. While C20 left their bottle to be drunk on two days, I found our bottle best after being opened for an hour and would suggest finishing it before three hours. I think at $17/bottle, the price is reasonable for this tasty, easy to drink wine.

A couple of thoughts. What was your serving temp on this wine ? Mine was probably on the upper end of acceptable and it didn’t hide the alcohal all that well. I tasted it right after opening and spent about a 1/2 hour with it on Sunday night since I didn’t know if it was Mondays woot or later in the week I wanted to make sure I took a shot at it before bed. I did not try it with food but agree that it might be better right on opening with food that can tackle its tartness.

Thanks for your thoughts on the wine I always like to see how my experiences measure up to other peoples. We didn’t seem too far off on the basics.

I kept mine in my basement, <68 degrees, then put in the fridge for 15’ and PnP’d. Aside from serving recommendations, we seemed to agree on everything else.

oh, you mid-westerners and your basements…

Pretty much a constant 68 year round, and a touch colder in winter, with an IRH of about 60%.

Thanks for all the comments and tasting notes. The wine is unfined and unfiltered in order to preserve as much of the color and character as possible, so some sediment is to be expected. Please let me know if you have any questions.

No duh. I wanna dig one out here.

Where I live that would be an indoor swimming pool. :wink: