Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend - 6 Pack

Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend - 6 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2007 Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend, Monterey
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Alright shut up…I lied I had to buy these.

I have been looking for this wine since I missed it like 3 weeks ago.

In for 2

In for 1. Kissing the boss’ butt

Missed this a couple weeks ago, so excited to see it’s back… in for two!

:wishing for Albino Rhino to make an appearance:

Got this a couple weeks ago - a nice, light wine. Satisfied with it, especially for the price.

Bought this a couple weeks ago and still haven’t tried it. Can’t say i’m in for another… yet.

In for 1…I mean less then $10 a bottle, I’m ready to take a chance! :slight_smile:

Got it last time. Very fruity. Very nice.

No Iowa??? Yer killin’ me here!

Bought this a couple weeks ago and like it a lot. In for 2 more.

This was a great deal when it was available last month. There are light fruit flavors on the front, with some lingering sweetness, but not to thick. Great deal for the price. The bottle is great for gifts, something to talk about it when you bring it to a party.

Any comments on how sweet vs. dry these are? I am really not familiar with Gewurztraminer…

Hmm, it looks like I need more white. Damn you summer for being so hot.

I second that.

Bought last time offered and really enjoyed it, nice summer wine! Tempted to buy again!

Very happy to see this on the woot off. I bought 6 last time, and the dinner party gang that usually goes through one, maybe two bottles drained four. In for a case.

All things considered, this wine had great comments when it was up last month, great winery participation, and just looks like a fun summer sipper!

I’m in for one :slight_smile:

Check out the previous offer link from Cesare and read the lab rat reports.