Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend - 6 Pack

Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend - 6 Pack
$39.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2007 Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend, Monterey
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Finally a non-cosentino!

drink this with mushrooms, man!

Got these last time around a few weeks ago. Good crisp wine, not too sweet, not too dry. Was the perfect in-between for me and the wifey. Would get another case if I wasn’t so broke right now. =)

This is the BEST Cheap Summer Wine. Bought a case last time and it was wonderful chilled on these HOT Missouri Days.

This is my third time buying this stuff. It’s a perfect summer wine for every day drinking. Very crisp, is good on its own but is also really good with fruit.

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This will be case number 3 at my house. I even did a “May Wine” with some of the sweet woodruff I have growing my in flower bed–it was yummy! This is a very nice summer day on the patio quaff.

What the… the woot!bot must have been confused. I’m no longer the first sucker. Oh well, just happy to have more Kaleidoscope heading my way.

LOL, I got these the last 2 times they were up here, was really hoping they would come up again. I work 2nd shift and was just about to leave when this hit, I am in for a case Again!! This has turned into one of my favorite sippers.

How does this stuff compare with Triacipedis, for those who have tried the most recent offering?

I would call the Triacepidis a little lighter…

Do people really light matches after using the toilet?

It was too sweet for me. Not “my teeth hurt” sweet, but for someone who likes dry wines, proceed with caution. I was presuming (based upon the comments during the last woot-off) that it was more a fruity sort of sweetness, but basically dry enough. It’s actually more of a sugary sweetness. At least, that’s how it seems to me. If you really like dry wines, I wouldn’t go there unless you are willing to take the gamble. Could still be for you, but it wasn’t for me.

This is good stuff - better getcha some. I still have some (8) left from the original sale and from the last woot-off. I would gladly have paid the extra $2 shipping on the last order, though…

A very well balanced summer wine. I don’t drink much white wine, but this will be my second order of six bottles of Kaleidoscope.

In for two! Typically we drink reds, but this is pretty tasty during the summer and you can’t beat the price!

I bought this last time around and was very pleased. Great for a hot summer day.

Purchased this the last time it was available and it makes for a great summer wine. Loved it and am in for another.

Based on past comments for summer whites, this was a no-brainer to buy…but then…I see that Kansas is not on the list. Lost sale.

Yep. Me too.

If I didn’t have about 7 bottles remaining I would be on this in 10 seconds.