Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend - 6 Pack



Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend - 6 Pack
$39.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2007 Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend, Monterey

Previous offer:


Good stuff - but I’ve got 14 bottles left from previous offers…


I also ordered this during the last woot off. It’s well worth the cost, delicious wine.


great stuff… how long do you think I could keep this in my wine fridge for?

assuming I don’t drink it all b4 summer ends?


I remember the name well, and I am in for two!!! Great, can’t beat it for the price, summer wine!!!


If they shipped to AZ I’d be all over this.


No brainer on this one. I think this is my fourth order. Perfect summer wine at a price point that’s good for an every day drinker. Crowd pleaser, too.


In for one, can’t not!


Count me in on this great offer again !


Wife loves this stuff. In for the third time


Does this wine have any residual sugar or is it dry? I believe this was up in the air on the last offering.

Also, for people who have tried this, how does it fall between Albino Rhino and Triacepidis?


Great everyday drinker, well worth the price. I like it served very chilled.


welp, here goes my first wine.woot! Hopefully it’s at least decent. The price is just right!


Ditto, what’s wrong with Kansas?! Mondavis, please include us next time!


Absolutely perfect summer sipper.



woot woot, good for hot days by the pool


First time around I bought 6. Wished I bought 12. Then it came up in a Woot Off and I bought 6. Wished I bought 12.

This time I learned. 12 bottles will be mine.


Coming out of Napa, you just know this wine has some good oak flavor.