Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend Six Pack

Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend Six Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2007 Kaleidoscope White Wine Blend, Monterey
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Hmmmm… Very interesting. In for 1

This sounds like a great candidate for summer sipping on the deck. How sweet should we expect this to be??

Very intersting, but a bit confused.

Why add 0.1% White Riesling ?

Tempting, but would love to hear more about this.

What’s the RS on these? When sweetness is mentioned in the tasting notes inquiring minds want to know.

I woulda been interested…however, not sold in AZ…Oh, well!

Interested in purchasing, but I noticed that Kansas is not listed among the states this can be shipped to. However, I have previously ordered from Wine.Woot! just last year. There’s been no change in state law.

Is this difference because of the Kansas licensing requirement (i.e. since the wine is sold by the winery, is the difference that the last one was licensed for Kansas and this one is not?)

The ShipCompliantBlog and FreeTheGrapes didn’t really confirm that answer, but I’m hypothesizing from what I read the Kansas law is.

This isn’t anything similar to Triacipedis, by any chance?

Wish they had gone into a bit more detail in the voicemail about the wine itself rather than simply giving a tasting room brochure. They say it imparts a sweetness on the finish, which I could see, but the .1% seems too small to add any additional effect.

Either way, the wine sounds exactly what I like in my whites, so I think I’ll go in for two. At around $7 a bottle its pretty close to the white oak sb offer a couple of months ago too, so its hard to go wrong.

Also its interesting that it is apparently owned by the mondavi family, wonder who the winemaker actually is.

@ the person asking about shipping to kansas, its the winery. If the winery doesn’t have the license then woot can’t ship there. woot does nothing but act as a middleman and has no licensing themselves. Sometimes the winery doesn’t give an updated list to woot and you can call them and double check.

They didn’t quite have enough Riesling to make one more case, so they dumped what they had into the blend.


Yes. Woot is just the shipper for the winery. The winery has to obtain all licenses to sell in each state. So it varies for each offer.

Very cool label, looks like it was designed by this guy.

This website, “Recession Wines”, seems to like it:


Not finding anything on the web about this wine…it’s not even on the winery site Cesare listed.

I like the look of the blend, and the CT notes are edifying, but a six-bottle commitment, even at $7.50 each, is a bit much. However, maybe some good Rattage can sway me. I will be finishing off my stock of the TLC Chard pretty soon and could use a new “house white” to ward visitors and weeknights away from the fancy French and Italian whites populating the rack.

Of note: I’ve also nothing against off-dry wines, if this is indeed of that sort. One of my all-time favorite grocery store wines is the Columbia Crest Gewurztraminer, which punches well above its $6 retail price.

I was looking for some good cheap summer whites for my wife. However, how fresh are these?
3 1/2 years old seems a little long in the tooth for what is essentially a white table wine.
Rats, your thoughts?

I’m mainly a red wine drinker, but during the summer I do enjoy refreshing white wines with a nice cigar outside on the patio…this review sounds like the tasting notes from the winery advert, which sound positive.

For the price, and with Michael Mondavi associated with it (after all he wouldn’t let us down right?), I guess it’s difficult to go wrong on this one… might be a good one to use my wine.woot anniversary free shipping coupon on :slight_smile:

Where are those rascally rats? We need some rattage before decisions can be made on this one. Off to bed for now.

Stumbled on another web review of this wine.

The reviewer doesn’t seem to like it, but the commenters are a different story:

Read the responses here which seem to really like it: