Kalex Spinning Reel (XS2)

Kalex Spinning Reel (XS2)

The one for sale is size 6000. The one in the pic is a 4000. The one they are selling is big,
salt water big. That is most likely why it is a good deal. It is a good enough reel for the money just make sure you want one this big. The people doing the selling know nothing about fishing.

Yup, that’s the truth. Checking with the team.

Kalex customer service is linked to Pure Fishing Inc. This is Pure Fishing Inc’s attempt to take over Amazon’s Chinese fishing reel market. They are trying to jump in the KastKing Piccasy market.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR7l3b6Bfzc <- The most trusted reviewer on Youtube for fishing reels and rods. He got the reel for $21 and is reviewing it with depth and a complete tear down.

Out of the box, he stated he would return the reel even at $21 because the clicker on the drag was broken when he received it. The nut under the spool shaft showed machining marks due to poor quality control/craftsmanship.

The good news is the reel uses zinc on brass which should decrease wear over cheap zinc on zinc gears. There are 11 ball bearings in the reel upon tear down and 1 anti-reverse. The Woot claim of 10 is actually a low-ball which is nice to see. Most these chinese makers lie about their count.

At $25 this is a decent reel. At $50 these are not worth buying as Daiwa makes a better product in that range. I don’t know what you’re going to do with a cheap 6000 reel like this, but at $25 you probably won’t beat it.

Brownie points if you’re a Hawkeye fan from Avengers, as he apparently is being paid to market these on Amazon through his storefront.