Kalorik 2 Quart Deep Fat Fryer with Removable Bowl

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Kalorik 2 Quart Deep Fat Fryer with Removable Bowl [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kalorik FT 17444 Deep Fat Fryer with Removable Bowl

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Great timing woot! Channukah is over tonight. Well, I guess that’s why it’s on sale here and now.

Just what you need before making your New Years Resolution!

$111.00 over at amazon

Most Goys won’t get the reference.

Before New Years, you can gorge yourself to your hearts desire, hell even bring McDonalds to your own home and deep fat fry everything.

Deep fried cake. Mmmmm

This screams healthy eating to me… Everything is better fried!

here’s the product website

and the user manual

That the heating element is in direct contact with the oil, instead of mounted to the outside of the oil-containing vessel, makes it heat faster and makes it easier to control the temperature, though a digital control would make it better.

That removable bowl looks very handy, but the overall design looks like some kind of horrendous trap.

Does anyone have any experience actually cooking with this crazy thing?

Fitting Name.

Kalorik packs Kalories for a Katastrophic Koronary.


What do you do with the oil after you deep fry something. Chuck it? Save it for next time? Does it go bad?

You can get a couple of fries out of your oil (unintentional pun) if you strain it through some cheesecloth and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. Just don’t fry donuts with the same oil used to fry last night’s fish; the strong flavor will stick. Unless you like fish-flavored donuts.

2 quarts? Perfect for making a single order of freedom fries. For only $65. But look how cool it looks and how many parts you get to wash! Will go great with your pod coffee maker, wire skewers, salad spinner, and any other useless expensive gadgetry you have laying aboot.

Filtering the oil is the most important thing you do. All of those little cruddies will give everything you fry a bad taste if you don’t filter.

Nice link on Deep Frying:

Visit About.com Deep Fryinglink

That’s what my grandmother said, and she lived to be 93