Kalorik Airfryers - Your Choice!

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Kalorik Airfryers - Your Choice!
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I’m thinking french fries and chicken tenders mostly right off the bat, but how long does a baked potato take for instance? I would love to not heat up the whole kitchen to reheat fries or cook a frozen chimichangas or biscuit.

Anyone with some real world experience to help me pull the trigger?

Not good rating on Amazon. There are a couple others listed rated much better (not as cheap, of course).

[MOD: That’s a different model. Look at the Wayfair reviews linked below.]

Wayfair Reviews of the Dual Layer Rack

Wayfair (4.5 stars - 57 reviews) and Amazon (4.7 stars - 20 reviews) on the Kalorik FT 42174 BK Kalorik Airfryer with Dual Layer Rack

I’m pulling the trigger on this one…

Not with this particular brand but we have one and it’s used almost every day. Makes the absolute best roasted chicken. I throw up to 4 thighs in the basket. Salt and pepper. 25 minutes at 380 F.

Or teenage son uses it for frozen stuff like chicken fingers or pizza rolls.

It’s also terrific for making dried chickpeas for snacking. I boil up a pound on the stove. Then season and dry in the airfryer. A very nice alternative to chips.

I’m not seeing what you are seeing on Amazon. The only review I found on the FT 42174 was a one star. The 4.7 for 20 reviews was for the FT 42139. I’d also note that WOOT! shows a picture of the FT 42139 intermixed with the pictures of the FT 42174. The FT 42139 is the last one - with the symbols on either side of the digital display. It isn’t part of this WOOT! “deal”.

An alternative to air fryers: I highly recommend the “Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven”

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005IBXJ it makes great pizza, great fries, any baked food. Taquitos etc. It is much more versatile than an air fryer. And only $47.

4.5 stars from 2600+ reviews.

Overall Kalorik airfryers get reasonable reviews on Amazon so I’m inclined to think the single “one star” review for the 42174 is not necessarily representative. One swallow does not a summer make etc.

Doing a little looking around I found the 43140 on Overstock (OOS but listed at $80.14) with 5 reviews averaged at 4.8 so the one star on Amazon really does look like an aberration.

[MOD: That’s a different model. Look at the Wayfair reviews linked below.]

When I go to the link you recommend, Amazon’s browser addon is showing me a bar across the top of my screen, and when I click it, it takes me to the one Amazon has listed with a 1-star review. What are the model numbers for these? Apparently Amazon’s software thinks they are the same.

It seems I am destined not to have one of these!

Just went to buy one and I have…

An entry on my CC account saying “Pending Payment.”
An email from my CC company saying “authorized.”
An email from Amazon Payments saying I’ve initiated a payment to Woot.

And then I have Woot saying it was “denied.”

There are times I hate modern technology.

Over to you Woot…

We bought one (different brand, same idea) from QVC, returned it after a week. It has a small basket and you can’t let stuff touch other stuff or that part doesn’t "fry "and residue sticks every time. It gets nasty pretty quick and is hard to clean. Plus it doesn’t so much fry as “air bake” with a crust similar to , but not the same, as frying. We got one as a gift about 6 months later (a different, different brand)…same result. Air frying is a misnomer at best, a complete fraud at worst. Some stuff actually came out worse than baked. Plus it is pretty big for how much you can cook in it, counter clutterer.

Something went wrong in the security check. Make sure your billing address on the card matches the one on the order.

If you go to the link I responded to, it takes you to a Kalorik that looks completely different and has 23 reviews. The one with one 1-star review is the correct one.

Model numbers are

43140 Eat Smart
42174 Digital Dual Layer Rack

Payment was made through Amazon Payments - I filled in nothing. I have an email from Amazon telling me payment was initiated to Woot. The details on the card are fine. I had no problem subsequently using it on Amazon.

The Eat Smart Airfryer is pictured, FT 43140 and the Digital, FT 42174 BK.

The FT 42139 BK is the manual version and it is not pictured here. I got the Eat Smart last year and I love it!!

You’re right. My bad. 1-star review. Ouch.

The reason for the 1-star was it started with an error code. It’s really not a full review.