Kalorik Aztec Stick Mixer and Chopper

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Kalorik Aztec Stick Mixer and Chopper [New] - $25.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kalorik CMM24294 Aztec Line Combi Mixer

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Kalorik Aztec Stick Mixer and Chopper
$25.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kalorik CMM24294 Aztec Line Combi Mixer

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kinda looks like a marital aid


Good ratings on Overstock.com and this is s decent price too.

This thing looks cheap. To continue a previous conversation:

johncartercmdr wrote:Hey, if I can't justify this mandoline, I surely cannot justify 20k!

Re: the website- I do like the black framed alien sunglasses! 

I replied: Is it $20k now? It was $10k when I first saw it. Maybe they sold one and doubled the price. BTW, you can get to their website from Amazon…they have other unusual products.

As for the party favors…I LOVE the alien sunglasses, but the white would look better on me :wink: The “Christmas Story” leg lamp lights would be fun, too.

That will mix your giblets. LOL

$58 at Amazon, but no reviews. It looks good, but I don’t think I can justify yet another kitchen gadget right now.

“Because we’re going paste.”


I’m guessing this comes with a pack of lube as well?

My friend owns this one and I’ve used it in her kitchen and it works awesome. Purees soups in no time at all. I’ve never used the whisk or the frother though.

Has a b.o.c. ever sold during the early hours of the day or does it usually appear mid to late afternoon when more people are checking?

Somebody bought one? Must be three left.

The rest of us have these tools separately, and like it that way.

I must admit: I’m really drawn to the color, but probably only because it’s really close to the shade of my hair. That’s no reason to have it in my kitchen.

Burnt orange? I couldn’t possibly. I don’t even allow that color to come through the front door of my home.

Sooners fan

is that “chopper” more of an “immersion blender”?

Who wrote/performed the woot-off song?

I think my Bamix will serve me fine thank you - BTW, the Bamix really is great! If you are looking for a immersion mixer that sets the standard, that is the one! I happened on mine after a housemate left it - and forgot to pay the money they owed me… otherwise I would have never sought this kind of mixer out, but they really are great! Lots of videos of the Bamix on youtube…

That made me laugh! BTW, that is not burnt orange. It’s a coppery shade. I’d be mightily offended if someone called my hair burnt orange (see previous post).

This was used by the Aztecs?