Kalorik Combination Mixer Set

yay i missed this guy… my girlfriend wants one but i think it will make me jellous.


Pretty glad I held on til the last item went away. Horay.

Not 1st


Is the bacon in the writeup pointed at the deals.woot folks?

i mix my own combinations

no underwater lcd


2 woots is all? Hmmm. I got order confirmation. Something tells me I won’t get one though.

You didn’t notice that you’re the one to blame?

Call me a noob. I did not. It is way past my bedtime! YAY!!! Blame me!

wait what


Recipe- Boneless chicken breasts marinated for at least two days in YoSoy Island Soyaki. Well cooked on double-sided grill, cool and shred or ‘process’, then use liberally on Chinese Chicken salad, or tortilla/tacos, etc.