Kalorik Kitchen Appliances

Kalorik isense food scale – EKS 39724 BK is $21.77 on Amazon. I’ll get mine there I guess.

Kalorik HA 31535 Food Processor

recent consumer reports rating of this machine is a score of 38, or 19th on their list of 20. it scored good for chopping, very good for slicing and shredding, poor for puréeing, and fair for grating and noise. they claim it lists for $80, has a weight of 5 lbs and a claimed capacity of 5 cups.

yes, i just happen to have the back issue on my desk open to the food processor page. i will be getting a cuisinart.

Will the heating plate cook coals? Like coco nara coals for a hookah?

I’m just really enjoying the “frounceen” for “frozen” swap in the product writeup.

HA! Our text is straight from the vendor. But I actually found an explanation for this - bad search/replace. Look at the Update at the end of that section.

The error exists all over the internet for this product.

I could ask for it to be fixed but it’s kind of a nice conversation piece.

I need a toaster oven and probably could find a use for a small griddle. Would this combo be a good choice? I don’t eat a lot of frounceen food, if it matters.

I have never been able to keep ANY toaster over clean.

I almost hit the button on the meat thermometer, but alas, no app for android users. In this day and age, one would think that this would not be an issue… Especially with droids swallowing up the market…

Everyone loves a good conversation piece :smiley:

That’s weird O.o I used android and can still purchase through it. Oh wait… that might be because I go through Chrome…

Actually kind of kicking myself because I just bought a food slicer from the sale a week or two ago and this one looks like it might be better >.< Ah well, that’s what I get for not being patient.

Pretty sure they meant there is an iPhone app for the meat thermometer but, apparently, not an Android app.