Kalorik Kitchen Appliances

I love the retractable lcd panel on the scale, it would be so easy to store against the wall with my cutting boards. Unfortunately there are no reviews for this scale anywhere. Gram accuracy is important to me for measuring tea and for certain recipes, but I like having higher capacity for measuring flour etc. It really seems you need to read reviews on scales before buying to make sure its right for you, Amazon is a great source for that. I may still bite, but I’ll have to think about it.

I found a review here: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Kalorik---Digital-Kitchen-Scale---Bamboo/4910979.p?id=1218575761768&skuId=4910979#tab=reviews

One complaint was that although it claims to weigh as little as 1 gr., the lcd display did not come on until they had at least 5 gr. on the scale. Hope it helps.

Could you put something else on the scale first, like a quarter or something?

I have the egg cooker…paid more than this. I use it every week. Best damn way to make boiled eggs ever…put in the eggs…add a little water and eggs are done in less than 15 minutes. Perfect every time! Now I always have a egg to grab for a quick protein fix.

Has anybody here tried/have the meat slicer? Better yet, does anybody know what makes a good meat slicer? You know, qualities, features, traits, material, etc to look for.

Doesn’t appear the egg cooker has an automatic shut-off …


Mixed reviews at Amazon, a lot of DOA and underpowered complaints:

Say it does, but you’re right. It doesn’t appear to have one. Kind of misleading and almost criminal if it doesn’t.

LJMillard thank you very much, that is exactly what I needed to know!!

Thanks mofish. Its a no go for me.

I don’t understand how the glass thing is a toaster oven. It looks like a regular old toaster with a glass side to me. It doesn’t seem to have ovening capabilities.

That’s what I was just thinking! Granted, the glass side is a really cool gimmick, but if I can’t heat up pizza in it, it’s not a toaster oven.

C’mon, Woot - where’s the glass-door dishwasher I’ve been dreaming of?