Kalorik Kitchen

one of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn’t belong…

Maybe they are giving a boc to the first one to notice?

Nonsense! It can be used to make grilled cheese sandwiches a la Mr. Mom! Plus I’ve always needed to press pants while I’m grinding pepper and slicing deli meat. It totally belongs in the kitchen :slight_smile:

You’ve never had steamed panini? Mmmmmm. And with this you can make 8 at the same time. Just in time for the opening of my new kiosk. “Hot Wet Buns” In for 3!

A>Very soon 90% of these items will be seen, used once or twice, at a Goodwill Store. Believe it.

B>Please, someone, post a pic of that broiler, fryer, toaster thing and recall the words of an old girlfriend, “Is it hard to clean?”

C>Really, really good rice cookers have a gasket or seal surrounding a hinged lid. Mine also has a very thick inner bowl that is titanium coated. They cost more, but you never get rice froth boil over and they have better control of temperature.

D>Bluetooth meat thermometer? LOL

This all looks like cheap crap, but one of the kettles is tempting me, because it’s the same model my in-laws use for tea, and I’ve been wanting to get one for my desk to make coffee with my french-press.

I like the idea of an induction cooking plate, as I have cats that jump on an electric stove. But I gave one away as it did not seem to have the precise control it claimed and most of my existing pans were not the right type.

Water boilers are great if you don’t want to turn on a stove (I don’t). Be sure to fully cover the heating elements in the bottom (observe the minimum level mark) and turn off before pouring out.

A boiler, a $3.95 coffee filter cone and some #2 paper filters will blow out of the water most one-cup automatic makers, K-Cup ones included.

I’m tempted to pull the trigger on that tortilla warmer in the second to last row next to the Panini grill.

What a world-class grouping of diseased imaginings. This page of crap gives me a pang of disappointment in our society.

Should I get the Egg Cooker that leaves a layer of condensation on a rubbery egg? Or the W Rollie Vertical Egg Cooking System, a whole new way to prepare eggs? Then we can season them with our Rechargeable Cordless Spice Carousel Set.

The vertical integration of iidiots (had to misspell idiots to avoid the filter) it would take to bring these from concept to marketing is stunning to imagine in any single company! Unless, of course, Kalorik is just sourcing these from overseas, in which case there are likely just a couple of iidiots bringing us this garbage, that will be landfill in short order.

Every world-class chef has their own unique method for trying to mostly do a pretty good job making nice hard-boiled eggs with perfect yellow yolk and a shell that comes off without tearing the white. Heat them. Turn off the heat once it boils. Or don’t. Let them sit. Shock them in an ice bath. Use old eggs. Maybe some vinegar at some point.

Or you can just use an egg cooker. Put raw eggs in, take perfect hard-boiled eggs out. That’s all the steps, right there.

I’ll admit, I thought it was ridiculous at first – I registered for it as a joke wedding gift. But it was actually one of the best gifts I got, and ultimately lasted much longer than my marriage. I can’t vouch for this particular one, but the one I have now (DBTech) is awesome. Perfect deviled eggs. Perfect pickled eggs. Perfect Easter eggs. The poached eggs in this one look stupid but mine makes great ones (round ones, one at a time, exactly the size of an English muffin).

It is simultaneously the dumbest and best appliance you can buy for $25.

I was soooo confused until I realized that since all cats have precise control you must have been talking about something else.

HA! Exactly what I was thinking!

Too much work! We just get a pack of 2 doz. of perfectly cooked and peeled hardboiled eggs from Costco for a big batch of Deviled Eggs and potato salad…all for around $4!

Actually they’re called “doubled eggs” per my daughter.

Okay, I’m in for the meat grinder. Cheaper than adding to my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Also, will take up less space.

The blue salt & pepper mills are a full EIGHT dollars cheaper over on Amazon, if you hit the free shipping threshold.

Research before you buy here!

Only checked the Kalorik EKS 39724 L iSense Food Measuring Cup at Woot!'s parent company Amazon and found it in variety of color choices and around $8 cheaper after adding Woot!'s $5 shipping cost…

I wish Amazon would have kept away from Woot!

Of course they are “outsourcing!” Actually going to a trade fair somewhere and looking at a wild array of unbranded stuff just waiting to have their name stamped on it and shipped in a container from China.

Brand names mean little and most companies that are still real companies (not just a name that got sold) fill in their line with a “B list” of products where there are no spare parts. Goes wrong within the warranty? They will replace it. After warranty they MIGHT send you a new one for about what it cost them to buy it so they don’t lose any money.

BTW, there are a number of direct-from-China sites where you can see some of this stuff as well as items just too funky for American companies to import! Things like a radio that also fries fish and has a built-in toenail clipper. Just made that one up, but you never know!)

I think Woot should have it’s own brand. Apparel, electronics, etc.

Grinders can be fun. [That sounds creepy.] But really, you can make neat stuff. [Still sounds creepy]

Make your own “wet food” for your cats with “human food” quality ingredients. Better than what goes in cans and you can eat it too! [Now THAT is creepy!]