Kalorik Magic Bean 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Built-in Burr Grinder

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I’m confused by the name Kalorik, as coffee has no calories. Black coffee, I mean. Of course the Super-Chocoholic-Caramel-Frappalatte with 1/3 Half-and-Half and six shots of Hazelnut syrup that you get at your local coffee shop has calories…more than you should consume in a day. But this thing is just a coffee maker, so why Kalorik?

Isn’t a burr grinder a device for smoothing out the rough edges on metal? Who in their right mind wants to drink metal shavings in the morning? Besides robots. I suppose it’s a good way to stay awake.

It might have something to do with a measure of heat. I’m told it’s exactly equal to 4.1840 joules.

burr grinder literally grinds the beans down to an even ground.
blade grinders basically just chop up beans and leave them uneven, coarse, and burnt.

A “calorie” is defined as the amount of energy required to raise a gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. Maybe it’s a reference to heating water?

Here’s a Burr Grinder blog (link to this model on right)

And at I Need Coffee, they say “If you are looking for the best method for grinding your gourmet coffee beans go straight for a Burr grinder.”

Read away at CoffeeForums.com

Alright, you win this one.

I bought a Kalorik Espresso machine (new, ~$70) as my first Woot buy. It literally went up in smoke within a week and neither Woot nor Kalorik was interested in discussing the matter with me. I threw it away. Save yourself some grief!

I find that very hard to believe. Woot is always on top of things… Maybe you contacted the wrong people?

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Everyday Drinker
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend

So if you got the time you will get a good cup of coffee. But if you want simple… Pass on it.

I bought this exact machine about 7 months back when they offered it for a much higher price. After a couple weeks of great coffee and perfect performance, everything started to fall apart. First, the machine would leak out all the water during brewing. It seemed the coffee pot’s automatic shutoff valve was not getting properly set when the pot was in the machine, which would cause the water to overflow.

The machine would leak constantly, and never grind properly after only a few weeks of use. For some reason, which I was never able to figure out, the machine would never grind the proper amount of beans. This caused me to have several pots of light-brown water rather than cofee.

What seemed like a design flaw- there are holes in the plastic right next to the spot where the water travels from the reservoir to the heater (which would often leak) It seemed extremely easy for some water to leak into the machine which could cause malfunctioning.

After another few weeks of cleaning the machine and trying very hard to just make a simple cup of coffee, the front display stopped working and the coffee would no longer brew- just grind. I finally decided to ship it back to Kalorik for a repair. It turns out that this machine is discontinued, so it took them about 3 months (after calling them 6 times!) to repair and return the machine. The customer service definitely left something to be desired.

Once I finally got the machine back, the display worked, the coffee would brew, but the grinder no longer worked. I still had the issue with water leaking, as well. Rather than spending another $15 to ship the product back for a 2nd repair, which likely could have taken several more months, I decided to toss this thing in the trash.

Months of frustration plus $120+ for a few weeks of good coffee. I would NOT recommend this to anyone, even at this lower price point.

Save yourself the hassle- get an standalone burr grinder and a regular coffee machine or french press.

I wish I could say better things about this, but unfortunately this machine has been the bane of my existence this whole year. Lastly- I am pretty mechanically-minded, so I am usually pretty good at following directions and properly using a coffee machine/grinder combo. I would like to say my problems are most likely NOT user error, but rather a poorly designed machine. The fact that the company no longer produces this machine would seem to make this true as well.

I bought this from woot about a year ago. I hated it. Seriously it stinks.

  1. good grinder
  2. good pot
    Cons (horrible design):
  3. Grounds do not fall neatly into bin and when you open it you will get grounds everywhere. its very messy.
  4. the blue lights are way to bright and the clock way to dim.
  5. HUGE
    4.Button layout seem archaic, not consistent from one set of buttons to the other.
  6. when you do realize you hate it, shipping will run you $30.

It really just seemed like the people that made this had no pride in their work. Mine had also come with a part of the base cracked during shipping (because of the weight), while annoying was perfectly usable.

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Wow. Sellout! You’ve been seeing Kalorik behind Cuisinart’s back?!

I’ll hate the game, love the player. And I’ll hope you can patch things up with your shiny chrome friend. I know how much you love getting your beans ground, Sellout, but Cuisinart’s always been there for you.