Kalorik Magic Bean 750-Watt Personal 4-Cup Automatic Drip Coffeemaker

What am I missing? It comes with a 9 oz. cup, but claims to brew 4 cups. In the coffee world, a “cup” tends to be 6 oz (really), so still–say it can brew 24 oz, and the provided “carafe” only holds 9 oz. Where do the other 15 oz. go?


I bought the 10 cup, and it took a lot of time and help from others to make my first pot of coffee (I swear that I am not an unintelligent person, but this machine convinced me that I am).

My major quandary was wondering how much coffee beans to put in–as in, what measuring metric to use. After much research, the best I could discover was that it doesn’t matter–it grinds what it wants. So, I did indeed brew a pretty good pot of coffee (after a few pots of hot water).

I think that in relation to this coffee maker, I am like Web 2.0–I will get smarter the more I use it.

And yes, on the 10 cup at least, you can simply place ground coffee in to brew.

You need to be measuring the water temperature as it enters the basket. I don’t know that a no-touch infrared thermo will do that but maybe so. It will be cooler once it gets into the pot or once it exits the basket. Optimal temperature of the water as it enters the basket ranges from about 195f to 205ish.


4 cup? That will fill my mug while I brew some for the hubby.

Reviews for this thing look really bad. My personal favorite comment, “the ‘done’ alarm goes off until you remove the carafe, but when you do, the heating unit shuts off and has to be manually turned on every time you remove the carafe.”

For the money I think the Cuisinart Grind and Brew, DGB-600BC, looks like a much better deal. Overstock.com has them for $73.

I will say that if the alarm noise is the same as the 10 cup it is annoying. the bottom plate will shutoff after an hour or so so it does have an automatic shutoff. The fact it shuts off each time to take the pot off isn’t that big a deal because usually my hand is in the area when I put the pot back in.

I didn’t read the directions (gasp!) when I used it so I don’t know how great they are. My wife was able to have a pot ready for me when I got in from work that morning using the autosettings and she isn’t a genius when it comes to technology.

Could be Demitasse Cups they are going by (since they are a European Company)

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I got the coffee maker last week and have been using it since then, daily. It arrived in good condition coffe was decent with the first try. It worked as described. There was some minor leaking at first ( a few drops) but that has since stopped. All in all I am very pleased.