Kalorik Red Line Metallic Combination Mixer Set

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Kalorik Red Line Metallic Combination Mixer Set
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kalorik USKMS1R Metallic Red Line Combi Mixer

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Ummmmm… so will it b1end?


The description blurbs seem to get shorter and shorter with every new item in the woot off

Great product description.

i recommend these for home use!

i think we got the killer.

Are only people from Madison shopping now?



lol, that’s what i though. and i thought the other thing was a game controller at first.

Agreed, if it will blend, I want it. Otherwise, eh.

What did the Asus netbook go for?

** : u ( **

Is it a universal volt ? will it work with a 220V system out of the box or will I need an adapter ?

Around 254, 250ish i know

In for 1 just because I wanted to. Actually, a good deal. Buy them for your wives, those of you that have a wife.


List price seems to be 60 to 119.

Well…it’s Red, so it might Stand Out a little.


Woot 'er? I barely even knew 'er!

Haha, actually it looks like that attachement is an immersion blender, so I’m in for one. It actually looks like a nice little kitchen appliance.