KampRite Double TentCot

Oh.mi.gawd. I haven’t camped in more than a decade but I WAAAAAANT this. Yeah, yeah, I know: weighs 51 #, only 11″ tall, no built-in organizers, yadda yadda. It doesn’t pretend to be suitable for backpacking or weather extremes. C’mon, wouldn’t it be sooo neat in a (gentle) rain? (And your stuff inside probably won’t get wet as long as it doesn’t touch the sides. All tents promise this but many fail in the execution.)

Besides, strangely enough, this could actually be safe for my very tall, very round spouse! Of course it would need to be about a foot or two taller to be accessible in practical terms but that’s a problem with everything. The “lounger” configuration might be useful too, assuming it’s also rated for 500 #, but it needs a padded slip-on cover. (It looks like I would end up wound up *in the tent * after turning over a few times. What can I say, it’s a gift.)

Parents—fun fact: if you put some light-weight kids in one of these on a windy day, they could end up having a wonderful adventure! Like Narnia, but without magic… or animals… or elevenses or tea… But fun!

*(N.B.—Woot automatically changed “O.M.G.” to “Oh My Failing Grades”. Gee, thanks, Mrs. Grundy.) *
:: eyeroll ::

Does this actually contain some sort of mattress, or would an air mattress be needed?

No mattress included. It’s a cot. You can use sleeping bags, blankets, or kit it out with some padding.

The guy setting it up in the video makes it look tiny… Question the 7’… It barely looks longer than his wingspan. Maybe he is a giant?

So it does have padding in the cot portion, however I would recommend some sort of insulating mattress since you are up off of the ground. We do sell sleeping pads that fit these. You can find them on Amazon as well.

He is 6’6.