Kanto Bluetooth Speakers

I bought these the last time they were on Woot!

Spectacular. I think they’re worth a fair deal more than $180.

I bought these last time as well, I’m very happy with the sound, but my PC needed a ground-loop filter to eliminate some hum/whine on the analog input.

Having 2 optical inputs is very convenient.

I got them as well, and have the same issue with a little bit of noise coming from the analog output. My PC has got an Asus Xonar sound card. What exactly did you buy?

Awesome speakers BTW, amazing price buy them now!

Agreed. I did as well. They are far better and far more detailed acoustically than Bose or any blue tooth competitor.

I wish these (and other BT speakers) wouldn’t automatically shut off after a period of non-use (no audio). In particular, these speakers will lose their volume, treble/bass, and BT connection EACH time they automatically power down. I’d like to use them as permanent PC speakers with occasional other use but the power down reset kills it for me.

I’ve been mulling over the measurements. It looks like the perspective of these photos minimize the actual depth. It’s actually deeper than it is wide, but guess the opposite from these photos.

From someone who has these, what’s been your reaction to the size when unpacking?


Oh God, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I hope I could put them to good use. At this point I have too many speakers now.

I was expecting these to be much smaller as well. They are very large Bookshelf speakers without a doubt. I have the white Bluetooth Audyssey speakers that woot sells on occasion and they are dwarfed by the Kanto speakers. That being said, these look sexy as hell. I purchased the glossy black speakers and damn they look classy. While I was surprised at the size, I prefer the Kanto’s in terms of audio quality for a large space. I have them in my living room and they fill it with sound . The much smaller Audyssey speakers never came close.

I do not consider the size to be a negative. They are in a prominent place in my living room and no one has ever thought they look too big. However several people have commented on the sound quality. And they do sound great.

What’s the bluetooth experience with speakers like this? You have to connect through your phone’s settings every time you want to listen through these?

You connect to it like you would connect to any bluetooth device.

You have to go into your phone and press connect. It will not auto connect like my other bluetooth speakers.