Kanto Mobile TV Stand w/Adjustable Shelf 37 to 65" TVs

Does anyone know if you can/how hard it would be to add a second bottom shelf to this? I would like to put an Xbox and a soundbar below, and the Kinect sensor up top.

Here is the answer to your Soundbar needs: http://www.amazon.com/Sewell-Direct-Universal-Soundbar-Bracket/dp/B00823170Y Just sandwich the mount with the TV and it will work just fine. This is what I plan on doing with it :slight_smile:

it looks like it would take up a lot less room and gather a lot less dust then my current tv stand.

I like this idea, even if I’m not going to move it.

$18 more at Amazon.com for the one with the shelf, but with no shipping charge and my 3% Amazon credit card kickback it’s just a little more, and I get two-day shipping and a much easier return, should I choose to return it.