Kanto Speakers & Display Mounts

These are monitor mounts not TV mounts. Might be able to use them for TVs 27" and under but they are clearly designed as desktop mounts for monitors.

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Anyone purchase the Kanto SUB6GB or own this item? Can’t find any reviews but was thinking of hooking it up to my soundbar.
Don’t need anything that’s thumping loud, just something to fill the low end more and plus I’m limited in space with my home theater setup. This would most definitely fit that space.

Man I wish the whole thing was articulating instead of just the top part of the arm.

I have a monitor arm by a different brand, but the design seems very similar. Sturdy and overall no complaints, but it’s very poorly suited for frequent / quick height or tilt adjustments.

There’s no reason to pay that much for an arm mount IMO.

Just search Amazon for a ton more with better configurations.

My arm mount (woot item from several years ago) is holding up one of the huge 27" QHD refurbs (also woot) just fine. Full movement as well, I spent 1/3 the amount of the brand shown here.

Has anyone found any reviews for the Kanto speakers at all?

The YU5 speakers appear to be an updated version of the Kanto Yumi speakers, which were on sale on Woot! a couple months ago: http://www.woot.com/offers/yumi-speakers-w-bluetooth-gloss-black

I purchased the Yumi model and they are excellent, in both sound-quality, build-quality and features. The only negative that gets tossed around is they automatically turn off after a long period of inactivity.

The YU3 are really impressive speakers. I just ordered the Sub6 to go with them.

I bought the YUMI speakers previously, and the YU5 are an updated version of them. Also amazing speakers.

Actually, it is. Well, the bottom part rotates (via an articulating rotary joint), at least. Check out the diagrams:
Single Monitor: http://www.kantoliving.com/product_downloads/DMG1000_ProductSheet_14-02.pdf

Dual Monitor: http://www.kantoliving.com/product_downloads/DMG2000_ProductSheet_14-02.pdf