Kanto YUMI Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

I got the gloss black (new) in Feb 2014 from woot, when they were a lot cheaper. Speakers are awesome, great sound quality. I’ve used them hooked up to my iPhone via bluetooth and currently they are my TV speakers. They have a USB port to charge your phone from, which is very convenient. Only minor annoyance is that they turn on when there is a power blip.

For this price you can buy used or refurbished JBL or even (over-priced) Bose “known” brands of wired speakers, why risk it for a brand you never even heard of ??

Because these are awesome. Seriously. I have a pair of these YUMI’s at home and they are wonderful. They fill up a room and then some. I’d choose these over Bose wireless systems any day (and have). Their customer service is also very attentive I’ve noticed as well whenever I had any questions.

Wish I could get 2 pairs…Limit 1 sinks!. These are awesome BTW.

Any experiences/advice about going for new or refurbished? It seems like both are backed 2 years by Kanto, let me know if anyone can confirm that…

Not sure why it was one. We changed it to 3. Note that some colors have limited inventory though.

What is the warranty for the refurbished ones?

Same warranty. Isn’t that cool?

Update: 30 days for Factory Reconditioned

That’s awesome!They are refurbished by Kanto correct?

I just reached out to Kanto to make sure, and they’re NOT on the same warranty. Used models are on 30 day warranties. Kanto is trying to reach out to woot for the correction.

I also asked about factory reconditioned and here’s the info I got from Nicole at support:

They are reconditioned for a variety of reasons, they may have been customer returns, demo models, used for pictures or their original boxes could have been damaged. They have all been tested by our engineering department and inspected for cosmetic damage as well. Yes, all our new speakers do have a 2 year warranty from your original purchase date.

Both of those “known” brands are overpriced pieces of shit

Zahir123 is right…I called Kanto too. Its only a 30 day warranty…I’m not happy Wooot. I just ordered them. Will woot now cover the warranty for 2 years??!

Thanks…Just ordered my second set!

Hey all, we did just get the correction that the Factory Reconditioned speakers have a 30 day warranty. We will be contacting customers that purchased this item to let you know and give you options.