Karcher 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

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Karcher 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
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Can buy it at Fred Meyer for exactly the same amount.

About Karcher

Have you ever tried spitting on something, to power wash it? If that worked for you, this is perfect.

When using this to wash a car, will I still need to get out the wash mitt to wipe all the dirt off or will this just blast it away so I can immediately dry it without any hand washing?

Currently $96.98 with free shipping at Amazon.

[MOD EDIT] Amazon has a slightly different model.

I used to have one of these. Though it worked decently, I had to replace the washer wand part every.single.year. Can’t buy parts for them, you have to get the entire assembly. I use something else now that I don’t have to replace every year.

I’ve owned two Karcher washers both of them ended up leaking really badly internally, save the money and get a better brand.

The Karcher plastic pump deforms after 20 minutes. So, and they will not tell you, one must wash for 20 minutes, wait 20 minutes, then resume washing.

Maybe it should come with a built in beer can holder to use the 20 minutes minute wait effectively?

Link? This doesn’t turn up any search results.

They suck!

This is a light duty machine. Great for spraying off a deck or washing a car, but handle it with care. I’ve owned a similar model for years,I don’t throw the wand down or yank on the hose because it is plastic and if you are an ape with it, it will break. Use carefully and it will last for years. One thing I do like about it compared to gas engine powered washers is that while you aren’t spraying, it is quiet.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago (and big props to Woot for giving me $10 back after the pricedrop) I’m really impressed with the way it effortlessly removed 10 years of grime off my deck, I can’t imagine you would need anything more powerful for general exterior or car cleaning