Karcher 1600 psi Power Washer

The wife has been whining about getting a bidet ever since retuning from Europe. Maybe I’ll teach her a lesson and get her this…

Actually $1 cheaper at $88.99, but no car care kit at Amazon, so I guess the question is pricing the car care kit:

which is here: $119.99

last thing: Sears 189.98, no reviews, and no car care kit

I bought this unit and it just no good, I like Karcher ,but this unit has leaks from the body and a quick release at the water hose my other Karcher does not. I wish I could return this unit.

Wife bought one of these, I bought a gasoline powered one. She used hers once, then tried mine and that all she’ll use now. A gasoline powered washer may sound more intimidating than these little electric ones but they last and your local big box store probably has one for $200-$250. It makes a huge difference by doing all your jobs in a small fraction of the time. Also, they are built to last much longer than these Karcher toys.

I agree with many of these posts. These electric power washers are pretty crap. They don’t last long, plastic parts break easily(which can be dangerous if you try to DIY makeshift fix it), and they are gutless. Spend a bit more and get a gas powered one.

I have a generally similar model from a competitor. It didn’t work out of the box. Several calls and parts later, it is still broken. Poor design, poor manufacturing quality. Yes this is a different company and different model, but I think there is too much risk in buying these low end washers to be worth it. As has been said, if you really want one, pony up the money to at least get a name brand electric or move up to gas.

I have had one of these…a similar model…for about 4 or 5 years. It does not get heavy use, and I am careful with it since it has lots of plastic, but for the price it is effective for lighter work…but would take longer than a gas model that has more pressure. For me, it has worked ok but this is my second or 3rd electric one so I didn’t have great expectations…it will clean decks, and green slime off most things…it will also take decals off cars…

I agree, I purchased one a few years ago and it broke while I was using the first time!!! Garbage and a big waste of hard earned money and your time!

I have one of these and it works just fine. No, it is not as powerful as a gas powered one. I wouldn’t recommend trying to wash a privacy fence with this, but for a smallish deck, or porch, kids play set… it works great. As mentioned above, light jobs.

And yes, it’s plastic, so be careful with it. You get what you pay for.

I bought the AR one earlier this year (1600 also) and it’s been great. We just closed our cottage for the winter and we used it on all the porch furniture, the deck, the grill and the boat. It did a beautiful job on the mesh chairs without having to use chemicals of any kind.

I looked at this and thought, do I want to try this thing? Then I decided to join the discussion and see what all you you had to say. Thanks all, I am passing on this one big time and I think you just may have saved me some bucks and from much regret!

90% of the electric PW’s are crap but not the Cleanforce 1,800 psi 1.5 GPM at Home Depot. I spent a lot of time with reviews and talking to sales staff and this looks like it will last, plus it is very effective. Brass fittings, and 3 nozzles adds up to a great deal at $169. 2 yr. warrantee.

Yes, this Karcher is a toy. Lot’s of bad reviews on it.

I know that you guys can’t give specifics on future products, but can TT or someone tell us if the AR Blue brand of washers are likely to ever show up again? I passed on the Karcher last time because I’d prefer an AR Blue one (assuming they ever stay in stock long enough for me to get one). But, if the AR Blue ones won’t be back, then I’d rather have one of these than nothing!

I bought this unit through woot! in past sale and find it works well for house, deck, patio, cars… so while I am not power washing as a professional, it certainly has been useful around the house and has more than enough power for what I use it for. Thanks woot!

On Amazon for 88.99 and eligible for Super Saver Free Shipping.

The only thing I don’t like about gas pressure washers is that I’ve had 2 jobs that required shifting around a lot, and both times, when someone wasn’t paying attention, the hose bumped up against the exhaust and singed a hole in it.

I had one of these (emphasis on “had”). It blew up and shot water everywhere the second time I used it. Unfortunately it was out from under warranty by then. I would never buy another Karcher product, no matter how inexpensive it is. Pure junk IMHO.


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