Karcher 1600 PSI Power Washer

I can honestly say that this washes all of my PSI powers.

Not a bad washer but isn’t it cheaper on amazon because of free shipping? Woot??

amazon listing

[MOD EDIT: Price difference reflects including Car Care Kit]

Karl Karcher pretty much invented fast food.

I mean come on. Woot used to be cutting edge. Hope those who were in early are sipping aged whiskey somewhere it is still daytime. This is the same price as on Amazon (or Daddy as Woot calls it).

Do better.


I bought one of these for my husband when it appeared on Woot 2-3 years ago. He loves it, uses it on the driveway, sidewalk, pool, house exterior, even the car. He’s totally obsessed with it. My son says it’s the best–and the worst–present I ever gave him. It stopped working once; he called the company & they instructed him what to do. It started up again with no problem. Great buy for us!

Karcher K 2.27 CCK 1600 PSI Power - Price Comparisons

Woot today = $89.99 + $5 Shipping

Amazon = $88.99 + SHIPS FREE Note Does not include car care kit.

Rakutan buy.com = $135.01 + free shipping
Rakuten: Shop. Get Cash Back. Repeat.

ebay = $109.46 + free shipping

It would appear Amazon Wins the price war but it does not! The Amazon offer does not include the car care kit so, Woot has lowest and best price.

I saw this, was interested, checked Amazon, and (as others have noted) it’s cheaper there. Particularly given that Amazon OWNS Woot, this is pretty silly. And this has occurred with some frequency.

Woot, if it can be bought more cheaply on your own sister site, not to mention elsewhere, you’re doing something wrong.

Respectfully disagree.The correct (or rather more correct) comparison is is Karcher K2.27CCK 1600psi Electric Pressure Washer with Car Care Kit
The hose is 20ft, as this one here, plus the Dirtblaster Spray Wand - Up to 50% more pressure, brushes, sponge, bag and some more. The Amazon price is $135.02.

I have already checked with staff (and what fun those phone calls are to make at such a time of night) and to respond:

The reason for the price difference between today’s Sellout sale and Amazon’s, is because Sellout’s sale includes the following
(which Amazon’s does NOT):

Car Care Kit:

  • (1) Concentrated deck and patio soap pack 12-count - perfect for cleaning decks, patios, fences, patio furniture and outdoor play equipment
    (1) Concentrated degreaser soap pack 12-count - perfect for cleaning outdoor grills, concrete, masonry, automobile engines and tires
    (1) Bristle brush - perfect for cleaning tires, unfinished metal or chrome finishes
    (1) Wheel rim brush - great for getting into hard to reach areas for cleaning tires, unfinished metal or chrome finishes
    (1) Dual purpose sponge - great for cleaning vehicles, boats, and bikes
    (1) Accessory mesh bag - convenient carrying bag to keep all added accessories together

The list mentioned above is listed in today’s Sellout “Specs” tab.

Woot Staff

Here’s the best review I could find: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2MRH8BFZBN3Z5/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B004LIDTSW&linkCode=&nodeID=&tag=

"By Zolton “Veni. Vidi. Reviewi.”
"This review is from: Karcher K 2.27 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer (Lawn & Patio)

With Black Friday Eve – aka “Thanksgiving”, in some circles – approaching, I decided to get into the gobbler day spirit. It may not have the sugar-fueled mania of Halloween or the raw consumerist frenzy of Christmas, but I still found plenty of opportunity to get my turkey-themed freak on.

I’ve cooked holiday turkeys in the past, and they always turn out dry. It’s hard to be thankful when you feel like you’re munching a mouthful of Mojave desert. But who has the time to babysit the oven, basting that bird every ten minutes to keep it moist?

That’s why I bought this pressure washer. When I baste a turkey with this baby, it STAYS basted. I tried it out on a practice bird, and nearly blew it through the back of the oven. That turkey was juiced up like Jose Canseco before a doubleheader. And that’s JUICED.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend this equipment for applying gravy to your mashed potatoes. I tried that, and it looked like Jackson Pollack horked up all over my dining room wall. Holiday technology can only get us so far, it seems."

The most embarrassing thing after all that complaining is finding out you were wrong and the correct answer was right under your nose the entire time had you taken a second to check your facts.

The second most embarrassing item is the sound of silence from everyone not owning up to the fact they goofed.

Had it been the other way around and the Moderator was now sitting their red faced from not checking their facts … You would demanding an apology.

So why can’t anyone admit they goofed and next time they will slow down and check their facts first?

…more silence (crickets chirping in the background).

The hose is nice and long, the power cord even longer - but I seriously question the 1600 psi.

It’s also nicely portable for working in odd places like rooftops.

it’s great for washing cars, but I would not want to rely on it for something like blasting the funk off a pressure-treated deck because you will need all day and even then the rather smallish “full pressure zone” won’t give great overall results .

Seems like it can take a beating - time will tell. I’m happy with the purchase.

Walmart sells a water pick for your mouth/teeth for about $55.00. and the water pressure is laughable. For a few more dollars I bought this set up and I use it daily. Talk about removing plack buildup! Of course I am still getting used to it. By mistake I removed my entire upper and lower gums sets not to mention blowing out both sides of my mouth and the flesh on the roof of my mouth.

When I get out of the hospital I won’t use it on high next time. Other then that it works great.

I own this exact model and am not impressed. It took me almost two hours to clean 15 feet of my side walk. And yes, I read and followed the directions. Just not enough power to get the job done.

On our third one because Karcher DIES in a year!

I have been a wooter since 2008. But off late what I experience is woot management has become GREEDY. Their claim of great products at throw away price is NO LONGER true. This item is a classic example. You will get this “Karcher 1600 PSI Power Washer” from Amazon.com at the same price, in fact 1 dollar less. And on top of that Amazon send you it free of shipping charge and they will take back the item if you do not like it.

I have come across similar pricing startegy multiple times in the recent past, wherein same products are available at a better price outside.

What I feel is WOOT has expanded their business a lot and so does their overheads. Now they are typical of any other .com sites and no more be treated as a deal site.

My suggestion to the wooters would be , before you purchase, you must search the net for similar products and find if there is any price difference of benifit for purchasing from Woot.

[MOD EDIT: Price difference reflects including Car Care Kit]

Thanks for your review. I will pass this up, since patio and deck washing was my goal.

Thank you for the review. Deck / patio washing was my main purpose, so I will continue to shop.

I find it rather interesting that there is a $10 disparity between over-inflated “List price” claims.
Amazon claiming this “lists” for $140 while Woot! claims this “lists” for $150.

Also Amazon just recently raised the price on the item (was $118 now $135), a trend that seems to happen quite often before an item is put up on Woot. Use Camelizer and check yourself; rather shady practices.

I’d stay away from this just based on the reviews.