Karcher 1750 PSI Pressure Washer

Would be handy for spraying the mud off my scooter…

seocnd pots!

Link to refurb at Amazon


Such sales pressure!

noone wants it :frowning:

Why woot? Why?!?! I needed sleep tonight!

This thing works pretty well, I don’t know about price though.

Not a very good power washer.

I haven’t used the last one I got form the last woot-off…next please.

Why a woot-off at 100am eastern?

This is great for removing nail polish.

Why is it that Washington bought so many?

We in Washington got a lotta moss to clean off our wood surfaces…and I hate the neighbor’s dog.

holy Cow I’m wootinfamous…

Wooter to blame for sellout: wonderx60

The reviews for this:

or other similar models don’t look good. I noticed one note mentioned that the company said that the refurbished unit he got fulfilled the warranty on the original and that it was not itself warranted. Since this woot item is already refurbished, what does that mean?

Had one of these for several years until it died. The Karchers are passable for light duty work; modest driveway cleaning, washing cars, light cleaning of boats, etc.

For chores such as prepping a house or deck for painting or staining, cleaning a driveway before applying sealer, removing serious moss/mold/mildew situations a Karcher won’t do the trick. It will either simply not do the job or take inordinately long to do the job. I know there will be Karcher owners/users who will take issue with me on that statement, and when I was a Karcher owner I would probably have agreed with them. But I now have experience actually using a more adequately powered unit, and the difference is significant.

For example, with the Karcher cleaning my sidewalks in the spring was a weekend job. With the gas powered unit I now have (after the Karcher went to wherever it is that overworked pressure washes end up after they die) I can do the same job in about four hours. And the quality of the cleaning is significantly better. I can do a better job in significantly less time.

Another factor to consider is working distance. I have eaves that are about 30 feet off the ground. To clean under those eaves with the Karcher required that I climb a ladder and get the nozzle to within about 6 feet of the surface I want to clean, using the most concentrated nozzle to produce an effective cleaning area about six inches wide. With my gas unit, I can stand on the ground, using it’s fine spray nozzle, and deliver more cleaning power across a 2-ft wide band.

I could see owning one of these if I lived in a condo. Otherwise, for most homeowners I suggest you pass and keep alert for a sale on a more powerful unit at your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menard’s, or tool store.

West of the Cascade Mountains (which is where most of the population of Washington resides) removing moss, mold, and mildew from walls, fences, driveways, sidewalks, and roofs is a routine chore. We have close and intimate relationships with our pressure washers; purely platonic of course, not unlike the bonds our Scandinavian forebears had with pastries.

The number of Washington purchases shown is probably mostly due to people who have migrated into Washington to work for Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Boeing. They have bought homes and after one or two winters they suddenly realize that pressure washers are to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest as snow blowers are to the denizens of Michigan, Maine, and Minnesota.

Little do they know how our native microflora chortle to themselves when they see someone approaching with a Karcher. “ZMOG! Another rube from the California of the East Coast who thinks he’s going to take us down with a puny Karcher.” And they laugh as they slough a few fronds while their roots remain fully intact and they collect the moisture from the pressure washer to help sustain the symbiotes that are solubilizing the minerals in the substrate.