Karcher 1750 PSI Pressure Washer

**Item: **Karcher 1750 PSI Pressure Washer
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Condition: New

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Here are some reviews. Seems like people aren’t too happy.

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Yeah… I was excited, since I need a pressure washer… but 17/28 reviews were a 1/5? No thanks.

at 33lbs, seems fairly light but glad it has wheels as I am too lazy to carry it anywhere

I’ll tell you what right now, and advise you to listen to me:

This power washer has been on woot quite a bit. And EVERY time i pay attention to the sales and it’s pretty bad.

I’ve seen this device in person (good friend bought it) and it’s absolutely junk. Woot even knows its absolute junk.

It is extremely fragile, all of the connections are made with plastic fittings, not even galv. Everything needs to be replaced with copper/brass fittings, that’s up to 100 bucks for how many fittings you wanna get. If you don’t it, it will leak. My friends did until we fixed it. And the lifespan, well, it lasted 3 months then the plastic started breaking on its own, completely lost its ability to keep pressure.

It’s garbage, DONT buy it

This was my first pressure washer ever and I bought it several years ago. I still own and use it, even though I have since added a larger Honda driven Karcher. By the way, Karcher is the premier name in pressure washers. I used the electric for cleaning lawn furniture, driveway, outdoor power tools, windows and more and it still serves me well today. Unless you’re willing to spend about $400 for the smallest gas driven Karcher, this is a solid unit and I would strongly recommend it. Oh yes, keep in mind that this is a NEW unit and not reconditioned.

I can confirm this. I own one and it worked for about 40 minutes. And during that 40 minutes it worked poorly. It’s a bad product.

Had mine since 09 and still running. Only had to service it once to clean up the valves a bit when it started sticking. I use mine regularly to wash the cars.

I bought this last year and have to say it’s performed far better than I expected! Granted, it’s not the pressure washer for commercial use, or even if you’re in a hurry, but it’s VERY useful, especially with a preparatory solution. Cleaned my amalgam walkways and patio really well, moss off the siding, cement driveway and my hot tub. Did a pretty decent job on rinsing off my car, too, in short order after I’d wetted it down and washed it with a normal sponge.

These little electric pressure washers might work OK for very light duty applications. Washing your car?! You don’t wash a car with a REAL pressure washer, unless you’re trying to take the paint off. If you live in an apartment and want to clean your patio chairs every spring, this is the “pressure washer” for you, maybe. If you’re looking for something that will run for a couple of hours and clean big items, you need to spend three or four hundred and get a gas engine powered machine. And you don’t need one from a German company either. The US ones are just fine.

I bought one of these five years ago on one of the home shopping channels. I loved it and it worked great on small jobs. I made the mistake of leaving it in my garage one winter and the freeze/thaw in New England cracked something plastic. I would buy one again except I already replaced it.

@lichme, those reviews appear to be for the similar K 3.67 model rather than for this Woot K 3.47.

But the point is this Woot model appears to be from the same poorly reviewed, poorly designed, made in china model line.

Sad that Kärcher sullies their brand name with this crap… and that Woot hops on the same bandwagon. It appears to be no secret that it is a than desirable device.

From the Amazon reviews, it appears you need to be in the $250+ range Kärchers to achieve near universal happiness. (Not sure whether they’re also made in China, but even at that price point…)

@lorenzodemedici, point taken on the advice to get a “real” power washer rather than a toy.

However, the days of ‘buying American’ have become increasingly muddy. Assembled in US but using Chinese/other parts, Owned by a US company but made somewhere else, Made in US but owned by a foreign company (Kärcher owns Hotsy, Shark-power washers, Landa, and several other ‘American’ washer-related brands), etc…

About the best you can (usually) be sure of is you’re buying from a US-based seller. Woot!

Been using one of these for about three years now. It’s wonderful as long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations for a plug in, electric power washer.

These plug-in power washers are great light cleaning duty (washing car, hosing off deck and siding). If you want it to do anything heavier (take the paint off of anything or etch the lichen off your driveway in under 2-hrs) you need to buy or rent a gas powered washer with a gasoline engine.

If you don’t run water through it for a few minutes before starting the motor it can get air bubbles stuck in it and cavitate; this results in a very marginal power boost when the motor runs as the pump is now pushing air instead of water. Turning it off and running water through it for a while fixes this. Heh, it helps to turn it upside down too (no joke; this can help clear the offending air bubble in the pump).

And don’t forget to drain it before the winter. And get rid of those crappy plastic bolts that hold the handle onto the washer. Some metal lag bolts work much better.

I had one of these. The second time I used it (a week out of warranty) it blew the hose connection right off the side of the unit. Piece of junk IMHO. I would certainly never buy Karcher again.

Also, the pressure left a lot the be desired. I would suggest buying a good gas powered unit (like a Generac) and you will be much happier in the long run.

As they say, “The disappointment of poor quality and poor performance lasts long after the joy of the low price wears off.”

I bought one of these 4-5 years ago at another retailer. Mine has copper/brass fittings, I guess they are making it cheaper these days. I use mine 2-3 times a year and has never failed.

@chemmage2000, LOL. 'Seems like more “ifs” than water coming out of that thing. And “turn it upside down”? Better to look elsewhere…

I have an older similar model. Works great. I use it for cleaning house, car and patio. Has long hose and attachments work well.