Karcher 1800psi Pressure Washer

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Karcher 1800psi Pressure Washer
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Karcher K3.68MR 1800psi Electric Pressure Washer

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umm…i have no idea how much this pressure washer would usually be…

is this a good deal?

good price…

yet i dont need one.

149 at overstock

How well would this work on an old home with ceramic siding ? It’s historic. Would it break them with the pressure ?

no thanks, screw you Karcher. they are the company that bought out the place i used to work and immediately shipped production to mexico.

Might be good for the car. At 90 bucks, that would mean 9 car washes or so and this thing pays for itself. Now if you have a teenager at home that you can make wash your car with this, bonus.

Is this gentle enough to use on cars?

I want to use it to clear out the driveway, but it’d be nice if i could use it for other chores around the house too

Can 1800 psi clesn s 2nd story window affectively? How about grime off car rims?

1800 psi isn’t really enough to do anything “serious”

You could wash your car, and maybe get someroad grime off of your rims, but that’s about it. Don’t look for this thing to help peel paint, or get tar off a car.




I have one of these, it is good. I used it to blow the dust out of my old nintendo cartridges.

Borrowed a Karcher 1200psi washer from a friend once. Worked as advertised. This appears to be an OK deal for a refurb. It also had the shut-off when you release the trigger, but it was a little loud when it was operating.

I will decide tomorrow if there are any left…

No thanx. After owning an eletric one, then getting a new gas one, I will never go back or ever recommend an electric one.

Decent deal. Now you can finally teach those squirrels whose boss.

I am sooooo in the market for a PW’er. But after reading the reviews at Epinions, I am a little leery. With all the problems, I am not surprised this one is refurb’d.


Has anyone here had any experience with this. At this price, I am still considering it.

Has a lot of bad feedback on epinion.

yes, with the proper spray tip, it’ll clean a 2nd story window and same for cars. Get an adjustable tip so you can set the spray for the job you want.

i used to work at sears selling in the L+G department.

these are ok for electric pressure washers. price is nice too. if you need one, go ahead.

ps, i dont recommend 1800 psi for anything above washing your car or doing the siding on a trailer. doing cement or a house would take forever. go get a gas one you cheap bastard :).

Most pressure washers have an adjustable nozzle for other than a point (or moving point) spray.