Karcher Gas Power Pressure Washer

Karcher Gas Power Pressure Washer
Price: $274.99
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Does anyone know who is the manufacturer of the triplex pump on this pressure washer?

site keep messing up, i bought 1. Am i still just getting one? i need it ASAP. my sons birthday is cumming up, I don’t want any crap, I want to get it as soon as possible to make his day special. Can you hook me up?

This does not say Honda on the engine.

It does not state country of origin either.

What is up with the secrecy?

Full disclosure Woot!

Specs and reviews at Amazon


I purchased one of these. Why would one care if it has a Honda engine? I have the Black Max and it sucks with a Honda Engine. This washer has few but great reviews. Like everything else it is made out of country. If you study the specs and compare it is a good deal.

There is no secrecy. Just get off your butt and do some research.

I’m all about the Honda engines, but the truth is a lot of the Chinese copy cat engines have come a long way and can perform as well. The only issue I have with this is deal, is generally you can walk into a Sams Club or a Costco, and get the same deal, yet have the comfort of knowing you can take it back there if there are issues. I had bought one from Sam’s club, had it for about 2&1/2 years. The water pump must have had some residual water left in it, and during the sub-zero winter, that water froze and broke the pump. Sam’s issued a full credit on it even though it was beyond the warranty. To be fair I really hadn’t used it that much, and the pump was a poor design. It was a Honda engine (but the engine ran just fine), the pump portion blew out. I think it was a Black Max.

FYI this is the same exact ‘Predator’ engine I bought from Harbor Freight a couple of months ago for my son’s go-kart. Nothing bad about it yet.

I really want to like this because for the specs (PSI, Flow, Triplex Pump) the price is great but…

Karcher parts have been historically difficult to obtain (I have a 5 year old Karcher electric)

Only a 1 year warranty…

Cannot return to Woot.

Northern Tool has a Powerhorse 3000PSI 2.5GPM (w/ axial cam pump, adjustable pressure, on board detergent tank, 30ft hose, 2 year warranty) you can get for $269.99 shipped. I’m really thinking of going that route but I’m tempted by this.

How did the predator engine in the g0-kart work out. I’ve been meaning to do it for several years.

I wonder, if I purchase this power washer today and in a few days, Woot refunds my money because they made an error and advertised it at the wrong price. This recently happened while purchasing a Braska keyboard safe. last week, Woot advertised a Braska keyboard safe for the wrong amount, which was $39.99, in which it was regularly priced as $410.00 and woot admitted they made the mistake and sent a $20.00 coupon instead to compensate for the safe. The safe was purchased and an agreement was made once they accepted my payment. Woot made the mistake, not I. In my mind, that was false advertisement. Woot should honor their mistake. What do you think? let me know. Thanks.

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Woodcraft has a 2500PSI Karcher unit $50 cheaper with the Honda engine. $224.99

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Mistakes happen and you got a free $20 out of it. I’d say you won.

Smaller engine, lower PSI, less GPM and after shipping it is only $20 cheaper.

What exactly do you mean by “messing up”? I see the order on your account. You should see it on Stuff You Bought.

Per the sale, delivery is estimated for 5/17-18.

These are new so shouldn’t be “crap”.

sent me a refund wanted the safe its in my email wont be posted on stuff I bought

I was responding to deaai3w about his order for this pressure washer.