Karcher Gas Power Pressure Washer

Karcher Gas Power Pressure Washer
Price: $274.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, May 31 to Wednesday, Jun 01) + transit
Condition: New


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5/9/2016 - $274.99 - Click To See Discussion (26 comments)

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Two things to look for in a pressure washer.

  1. Honda engine
  2. Catt pump

This has neither.

Actually Costco has a 3000 PSI washer from Subaru on sale right now for about the same price. Subaru makes great equipment…and so does Honda…Woot only occasionally has good deals now…

Actually as I work on these all the time, the knock off motors of the Honda GX200 (which this is) are all pretty great now. The single most important steps are to,

  1. Use fresh gas
  2. Turn off the gas when you are done.

The GPM is the number that matters. The advantage with this unit is the average house with well water should keep up with this unit.

PSI is relative to the amount of fluid.your are spraying out of it, so again, the GPM is much more important.

And when I say PSI is relative, I mean in its effectiveness.

I think this is likely a good unit for a good price. I haven’t seen a lot of them, so that’s a good sign if that gives you some reassurance.

Ordered this last time… got the shipment last week and it has missing parts… Is it me having back luck with WOOT or WOOT just selling problematic items that they trying to get rid off and let the consumer handle the hassle? When I opened and assemble, missing the wand and the nozzles. Since woot does not want to deal with customer, called Manufacture directly… they said that they will ship me the missing wand, it has been a week already and still waiting. As for the nozzle, they told me that I need to visit one of their part store. :frowning:

Ordered last time as well. Mine came with bent pieces. I got it straightened out and fired it up and it leaked like a sieve. I fixed that. Now it won’t keep pressure and keeps stalling.

Thanks for nothing, woot. :frowning:

Big fat zero stars from me.

Heed this warning from the “witty” woot disclaimer for this product:
“We have enough broken crap around here, we don’t need yours cluttering up the place.”

Let woot keep their broken crap.

Seeing some of the comments and pictures from the last sale makes me wonder - if this shows up in rough condition or non-functional is there any recourse?

No returns - I get that. Get a refund w/o returning the system? Take it to a service center that could be hours away?

We do accept returns on items that arrive to customers damaged or defective. You can learn more about our policy here.

Got mine in two days from Amazon. Of course it came with a cracked nozzle holder plate. Calling the 800 number today!. Other than that, the unit is in perfect working order!

Ugh, bummer. Let us know how things pan out!

Customer Service, very nice and prompt. Will be sending out the cracked piece directly to me. Impressed so far!

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: