Karcher Gas Power Pressure Washer

Karcher Gas Power Pressure Washer
Price: $269.99
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Condition: New


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This is a killer deal!
Crossing my fingers hoping I don’t have the shipping damage issues others have had on Amazon and Home Depot. Karcher service facility is only a few blocks from here…Worth the risk!

I bought this the last time it was offered and indeed it is a great machine. Mine did have a broken piece which was the black plastic nozzle holder. The only plastic piece on the thing. I’m still waiting to receive the replacement. Customer Service is helpful but for some reason the first person I spoke with cancelled my replacement for no reason. When I called the second time, they were more helpful and even gave me a reference number, but alas I still wait of the piece.

The no-name engine is worrisome.

So when it says “Karcher KXS 196cc engine” what does that mean?

on a side note, this product line is so associated with this function that the common term for ‘pressure wash’ in French is “Karcher”(like a Kleenex is any facial tissue in the US…)

  1. Can extension hoses be attached? (25’ is pretty darn short)

  2. What kind of fuel does this require? (Ethanol infused or non-ethanol?)


How long have you been waiting?

Works also like, Edsel.

Just hope you never need a replacement part. 6 month wait list is common.

I fought tooth and nail this weekend with my Briggs & Stratton-powered washer and I will never buy another that isn’t labeled Honda.

Who makes the engine? If it’s Honda then this is a great deal. If it’s Briggs and Stratton, stay away.

Briggs and Stratton used to be very reliable engines, but no more. It’s sad really that American Made anymore means crap, while Japanese and even South Korean means quality.

I bought a Snapper Hi-Vac mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. The engine never was very powerful and finally died uglily one day in deep grass. I bought a Predator replacement engine from Harbor Freight and this mower now rocks hard! Yes. A Chinese Harbor-Freight engine is better than Briggs and Stratton, and cheaper than the Briggs and Stratton rebuild kit.

On Amazon this model pressure washer comes with a Honda engine, but unless the engine says, “Honda” on it, then I don’t suppose you can be sure that it’s a Honda.

I’d say that if it says “Honda” then that’s great.

If it doesn’t say “Honda” then that’s probably ok.

If it says Briggs and Stratton, then avoid it.

You can get extension hoses, yes. There are a few here.

Regular unleaded gas (87 Octane).

Thank you for the answers.

Another question, there seems to be some question as to who makes the engine on this unit. Can someone from Woot give us an official answer?


I have been waiting 6 weeks now from the first time I called, 2 weeks since I last called!

Wow, that sold out fast. Either people know something they weren’t sharing or Woot simply had very few units.