Karcher K2 360 1600 PSI Pressure Washer

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Karcher K2 360 1600 PSI Pressure Washer
Price: $89.99
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Note Price Drop!

Three years ago, my then-girlfriend kept whining about installing a bidet. I got so sick of it that I bought her this washer, claiming that it was a portable bidet. Sorta like a portable air conditioner. We broke up the next month and I never did get to tell her that this isn’t really a bidet. Oh well.

This is quality point material!!!

Am I missing something or is the same unit already cheaper on Amazon with prime shipping even before you add on the woot shipping charge?

This issue came up during the recent woot-off and the overall uncertainty about the specs/performance/quality of this one compared to the ones available for reference made me opt out of purchasing it.

Will it be able to wash a 2nd story from the ground, or will a ladder be necessary?

Depends on what you are washing, but I assume you need to be within 8 ft or so to get pressurized water on it.

I am also passing, there is a cheaper K2 model on amazon, but there isnt anything that is a 360. Makes it a mystery.

No pressure washer is going to do that. Oh, you can get it wet, but my the very nature of how a pressure washer works, the spray is going to dissipate before it goes very far, thus eliminating the ‘pressure’ aspect. As mentioned, to get the full use, you need to be 8’ or so away.

There are no Karcher pressure washers even available on Amazon right now. Where did you see this?

I don’t see anything cheaper for this model on Amazon.

Problem with pressure washer units is not the amount of pressure. It is the Gallons per minute rating. Judging by the size of the teeny hose to wand itd probably barely 1 gpm. Units that are 4 gpm and up get expensive. But that is where the work / time savings comes in. Larger gpm pumps halve and more the time needed to di a project.

You get what you pay for. Small units are fine for small jobs. Not cleaning houses, roofs, and such.

Some pretty bad reviews out there, namely at walmart. Both good and bad, but you assume that the ones that haven’t broken yet are going to get better reviews, so I generally look through the 1 stars and see what the common problems are. Seems like plastic parts breaking off a lot. Perhaps it would be ok if handled very carefully.