Karcher Power Washer & Car Kit

Isn’t the the same one from a few weeks ago, at the same price?

I think so. I was thinking about it for light work. I have a gas one now. But, I have so much stuff already. My neighbors say I have three of everything in my crawlspace! Three! Yeah, It’s a WOOT thing.

Shouldn’t this be on garage.woot ?

Or would that be mancave.woot ?

I would jump on it if it was a lot cheaper or the deal was sweeter… But since it’s the same, no way…

It’s been 15 minutes and only 1% has sold? :frowning:

I think it’s too expensive for the Woot-off.

if we are at 99%, with the sales we see…


it’ll be three weeks from now, and that’ll still be it.

Ugh, come ON. I was really hoping for a Dyson canister. You’d think that’d be a given by now. But then this little pressure washer comes along and hoses up the whole deal.

And yes, pun intentional.

Do not buy this! I went through three Karcher power washers and none of them lasted more than a few months. They are junk. I spent just a little over twice as much ($200) on a Honda power washer from CostCo and it’s still going strong after four years, so in the long run it was a MUCH better value.

I’ve had good luck with my Karchers. They usually go for $100-$120. I use them pretty hard in my screen printing shop, and I get a year out of them. Great for indoor use since it’s electric. Powerful enough to blast loose paint of your house too. +1

Good luck here with my Karcher. I paid $150 on a great sale 14 years back. I have it and use it all the time. When I don’t have someone come in and powerwash the deck and house 4 times a year, I do it with the Karcher. I use it at least 3 times a year for the driveway which is 400 feet or the house, windows, deck and inside of the 4 car garage. Thumbs up for Karcher.

Maybe they made them better in the prior decade. Mine is old but looks and acts new. It’s a right hand for a homeowner with a wife that wants everything powerwashed. Especially before we have company. :stuck_out_tongue: