Kathy Ireland Linen Cotton 4PC Sheet Set

Kathy Ireland Linen Cotton 4PC Sheet Set

Are these the same ones with pockets from a few days ago? Also does anyone know how “deep” the sheets ago, I guess I have a thick mattress and most sheets don’t cover all the way

No pockets on these. Per the features…

  • The fitted sheets have 15-inch deep pockets and are fully elasticized.
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Ah sorry, i thought that meant the sheets had pockets, I guess that answers the question of how deep the sheets are though! Thank you again haha

Thread count?


Suspiciously absent…:unamused:

These aren’t the same as last week.

As for those sheets last week, they felt pretty good until you tried to turn over in the bed and the material sticks to your clothes like glue. They did seem to have extra deep pockets (the normal pockets, not the extra side/“smart” ones), but the elastic was pretty weak, so they pulled off really easily. Those (being microfiber) had a couple “pulls” within the first couple minutes.

Personally, I figure I “donated” last week and that leaves enough of a bad taste that I’m not going to pull the trigger on these.


Does anyone know the Thread Count of these sheets?

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Thread count only pertains to all cotton sheets.

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If you enjoy sleeping on sandpaper you will love these!


I have to agree these sheets are ROUGH like wow. When I first got into bed I asked it why it was attacking me! It feels like sleeping in crab grass.

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